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PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:21 pm
[quote:a83e0273f0][b:a83e0273f0]BROADCAST HISTORY:[/b:a83e0273f0]
4/6/09 - ???

[b:a83e0273f0]TIME SLOT:[/b:a83e0273f0]
Mondays from 9:30 PM-10:00 PM EST

[b:a83e0273f0]CURRENT SEASON:[/b:a83e0273f0]
1 (13 episodes)

(from ABC's press release, February 2009) ABC announces the premiere of new half-hour comedy series, "Surviving Suburbia," starring Bob Saget and Cynthia Stevenson, on MONDAY, APRIL 6 (9:30-10:00 p.m., ET), following "Dancing with the Stars." In the family-centered tradition of "Roseanne" and "Home Improvement," "Surviving Suburbia" opens the curtain to follow Saget ("How I Met Your Mother," "Full House") and Stevenson ("Men in Trees," "Dead Like Me") as Steve and Anne Patterson, a seemingly normal couple who have been married for 20 years, have two children and a cookie cutter house in the idyllic suburbs. But Steve maintains a rather cynical point of view on family, friends, neighbors, society -- pretty much everyone and everything -- as he tries to survive suburban life. "Surviving Suburbia" takes a contemporary look at family life and the reasons one might have to question the system -- How does exchanging keys with a neighbor for emergencies result in house sitting? Why do kids' classroom projects inevitably become the parents' responsibility? When did we start needing mediators to handle disagreements between adults? all of which goes to prove that it's never just another sunny day in the suburbs.

[b:a83e0273f0]PRINCIPAL CAST INFORMATION:[/b:a83e0273f0]
• Bob Saget as Keith Stever
• Cynthia Stevenson as Anne Stever
• G Hannelius as Courtney Stever
• Jared Kusnitz as Henry Stever
• Lorna Scott as Monica

[b:a83e0273f0]CREW INFORMATION:[/b:a83e0273f0]
• Kevin Abbott as CRTR/EP
• Michael Hanel as EP
• Mindy Schultheis as EP

• comedy (all)
• comedy (multi-camera)

[b:a83e0273f0]STUDIO INFORMATION:[/b:a83e0273f0]
• Acme Productions
• Media Rights Capital[/quote:a83e0273f0]

Source: [url=]Futon Critic and ABC[/url]

New ABC comedy, this was slated down for The CW along with their MRC contract, but unfortunately the contract was torn up 4 weeks in.

I saw the preview in The CW's 2008 fall preview and it looks like we [i:a83e0273f0]finally [/i:a83e0273f0]have a decent comedy from the broadcast networks. Can't wait for its premiere.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:36 pm
I don't mind the sound of it, but its hardly the first time a network broadcaster has provided a good comedy show;

My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, The Office, How I met your mother, Arrested Development, Scrubs, Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, King of The Hill, Fraiser, Friends, Will & Grace were all great comedy shows that aired recently.

To me, this show doesn't sound like it has anything up on any of those shows, it sounds pretty bland, I would check it out though, but doesn't seem all 'hip and alternative' and that its going to give us something more from a genre we've already seen.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:49 pm
Post Family Guy, American Dad and Scrubs, IMO no comedy has hooked me.

Some episodes of 30 rock were good, but the majority of them were just dumb.

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