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PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2008 10:25 pm
Did anyone catch the ITV duo Echo Beach and Moving Wallpaper on ABC2 tonight?

For those who've never heard of these shows, basically Echo Beach is your standard British soap. Fill with lots of sex, drugs, fights, love triangles...the works. And Moving Wallpaper is a humorous scripted behind the scenes parody, revolving around the fictional producers and writers of Echo Beach.


Moving Wallpaper is excellent. Its funny, charming and pretty much what you'd expect from a good British comedy. Echo Beach on the other hand is pretty crap, basically teen trash. Haha.

I'm not quite sure if Echo Beach is actually supposed to be bad or not. Its a weird situation when another show is already sending it up, whether or not to know if its actually meant to be taken as a parody in itself. Its kinda confusing.

It makes me wonder of ITV made Echo Beach first, and then when they realised how bad it was, they decided to take the piss out of it with Moving Wallpaper.

I'll definitely keep watching Moving Wallpaper and probably Echo Beach (if only to see the references that were made in Moving Wallpaper).

Echo Beach stars Jason Donovan, Martine McCutcheon and Ed Speleers. Who I hear some also appear in future Moving Wallpaper episodes as themselves (well, as the actors who portray their Echo Beach characters...very confusing I know).

Moving Wallpaper 8:30pm Friday on ABC2
Echo Beach 8:50pm Friday on ABC2.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 10:43 am
Always thought it was a send-up of Home and Away and maybe Neighbours with the teen story lines, the Aussie connection Jason Donovan and the settings - beside the sea surfing and whatnot.

[spoiler:689363cda4]A second series of Moving Wallpaper has been commissioned, without Echo Beach. Scenes from the "soap" will be incorporated into MW. Don't know if this means it'll be hourly or still half-hourly.[/spoiler:689363cda4]

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