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Last Friday (Friday 4)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:39 am
by Cyborg
after years and years of rumours and negotiations with Warner/Newline we are finally getting a 3rd sequel to the Friday franchise in 2018. the cast all wanted to do it, but the studio wasn't too big on the idea. but I guess they sat down with Ice Cube and worked out a deal. Chris Tucker will be back, his character hasn't been seen since the first movie in 95. original director of Friday F Gary Grey is back also... I think. they are currently filming, they started really recently too. love the first movie and the sequels were ok so hopefully it's a return to form.

not sure if it's actually called 'Last Friday' but that's the title that's going around, don't like that title. makes it look like its the 'final' movie, not sure if that's the case. if it does well enough I'm sure they'll wanna make more. this should at least be called 'Another Friday' or something.

Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next, Last Friday.