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PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 4:30 pm
by Kal
Collider wrote:Nicolas Cage to Play Man Searching for Osama Bin Laden in Comedy ARMY OF ONE

You can say Nicolas Cage sometimes makes bad movies, but you can’t deny that his choices are always interesting.  For his next role, Cage is poised to play a regular guy—a Colorado construction worker to be precise—who takes it upon himself to find Osama Bin Laden.  No, this isn’t some high-concept comedy dreamt up by an ambitious screenwriter, it’s a true story.  The film, titled Army of One, is based on the real-life account of Gary Faulkner, who went so far as to try to sneak into Pakistan and Afghanistan multiple times.  Moreover, the movie has Borat and The Dictator director Larry Charles onboard to helm.

Per a press release, Cage is set to lead the satirical comedy Army of One for Endgame Entertainment and Conde Nast Entertainment.  Harvey and Bob Weinstein have struck a preemptive deal for North American rights to the project through their new TWC-Dimension Label, and the film has a script by Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph (Draft Day), though it’s described as “semi-scripted” in keeping with Charles’ previous projects.

Production on the picture is aiming to begin by the end of March, with the plan to have the film in theaters by the end of the year.  This is certainly an oddball role for Cage to play around with, but Charles’ involvement gives the film a bit more prestige than something like, say, Left Behind.  The filmmaker first came to prominence on Seinfeld before directing the Sacha Baron Cohen comedies Borat, The Dictator, and Bruno.  Most recently he served as director on the upcoming FX sitcom The Comedians, starring Billy Crystal and Josh Gad.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:59 pm
by Kal
Moviehole wrote:Spaceballs : The Schwartz Awakens!?

Mel Brooks has always wanted to further exploit the adventures of those “Spaceballs”, and if this latest report is true, the Schwartz might be with us again soon.

According to this post on Reddit, Brooks mentioned on a podcast that “Spaceballs 2 : The Search for More Money” might finally be inching towards the screen. According to the report, Brooks wants Rick Moranis to exit retirement to reprise Dark Helmet.

Brooks (now 88) did continue the adventures of the intergalactic crew in a short-lived animated series, but he’s long expressed interest in another “Spaceballs” feature.

So, the likelihood of this being true? Well, it would make sense. Brooks has been doing interviews to promote his newly-announced HBO project, there’s also a new “Star Wars” movie on the way – so “Spaceballs 2″ would be timely, Brooks has always wanted to sequelize the satire, and though he hasn’t acted in over a decade, actor Rick Moranis did say recently that if “Ghostbusters 3″ reached out to him to reprise Lewis he would’ve done it – so clearly, he’s not against returning to work. But when the source is unidentified, and there’s little else to go on by a forum commentator’s word, let’s chalk this up as a stout rumour for now.

Released in 1987, “Spaceballs” starred Rick Moranis, John Candy, Bill Pullman, Daphne Zuniga, Dick Van Patten, Joan Rivers, and Stephen Tobolowsky. Obviously, if the long-gestating sequel gets off the ground, they’ll either have to write a bunch of those characters out or recast, since quite a few – namely Candy and Rivers – have left us since then.

This will be cool if it works out. 8-)

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 8:13 pm
by Kal
Superhero Hype wrote:Might We See the Return of Ripley in a Neill Blomkamp Aliens Movie?

Earlier this year, director Neill Blomkamp of District 9 fame posted some mysterious concept art for what looked like his take on a sequel to his favorite movie Aliens, though he added the caveat that it was something he did on his own without any of the studio’s knowledge.

There’s been talk of another straight sequel to the original “Alien Quadrilogy” for many years, with Sigourney Weaver being one of the main sources of information. After a bunch of mediocre Alien vs. Predator movies, original Alien director Ridley Scott returned to that world with Prometheus, which only had a passing connection to the Aliens mythology, so Blomkamp’s concept art reinvigorated interest among the fanbase for another straight sequel.

At the early junket for Blomkamp’s Chappie, which happens to co-star Weaver, we asked the two of them about the mysterious artwork that Blomkamp posted recently and we asked Weaver about her feelings on doing more with Ripley following 1997’s Alien: Resurrection.

First, we have Blomkamp, who we asked what the deal was with that concept art, whether it was something he was playing around with or something he was actively developing?:

“It was sort of both,” he responded. “Fox didn’t know that I was developing it, so in that sense, it was completely unsanctioned and just basically for fun. To me, it wasn’t for fun. To me, that was what I wanted to do next, and I spent a lot of time doing it, and there was a lot of effort that went into. Like when I could take breaks between Chappie’s post-production winding down as VFX got under control.”

“The issue was more like whether I feel like directing another film at all,” he continued. “Not really whether Alien is the right or wrong film, if that makes sense. (Sigourney) knows about it and part of it was just inspired by speaking to her on set when we were filming Chappie, and getting her thoughts on Alien and what she thought of the movies that came after Aliens and what she felt about Ripley and what was incomplete for her about Ripley. There was so much fuel in what she was telling me.”

He added: “Alien and Aliens are probably my favorite films so was I was like, ‘Sh*t, I wouldn’t mind messing around in that world for a bit’ so I just sort of self-funded the artists to work on the artwork. I did way more artwork than I released, probably ten times more and did a lot of writing. I have a pretty cool film just in case it happens.”

We asked if he had any kind of meeting with Fox about these ideas after sharing the artwork, but so far, he says hasn’t. “Fox was blindsided by it, which wasn’t my intention,” he explained. “I just wanted to share artwork with people that liked the franchise. I don’t know whether it’s going to happen or not. We’ll see.”

He did add that there is a possibility of him putting out his ideas of a comic book if it doesn’t happen as an official movie.

That brings us to Weaver, who we spoke shortly afterwards, and we asked if she knew about how she inspired Blomkamp to start developing an Aliens project on his own. “He kept sending me these brilliant designs and ideas and everything. We’ll see what happens,” she told us.

We asked if there was more to Ripley she was interested in exploring. “It’s not that so much is that we just left it at such a creepy place, sort of stranded above Earth. I was quite happy to move onto other things and I didn’t want to go to Earth. I didn’t want to manufacture a sequel and I felt like we were starting to do that. If something happens from this, it would be very organic and very original, and because of that, it would make me want to do it. If it was someone as talented as Neill, I’d certainly listen.”

This is getting too exciting not to make a thread about these developments!


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PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:39 pm
by Cyborg
Sony have released a schedule for their releases for the next couple years.

what surprised me the most is not only Bad Boys 3 in 2017 but Bad Boys 3 in 2019! making up for lost time I guess, Michael Bay won't be returning to direct. he did the first 2 but that's not the first time a director hasn't returned for more sequels after the second, such as Steven Spielberg did Jurassic Park 1&2 and Jon Favreau did Iron Man 1&2.

“Money Monster” – 4/8/16
“The Shallows” – 6/24/16
“Ghostbusters” – 7/15/16*
“Patient Zero” – 9/2/16
“The Magnificent Seven” – 9/23/16*
“Underworld 5″ – 10/21/16
“Passengers” – 12/21/16
“Jumanji” – 12/25/16
“The Dark Tower” – 1/13/17
“Resident Evil 6″ – 1/27/17
“Bad Boys 3″ – 2/17/17
“Baby Driver” – 3/17/17
“Barbie” – 6/2/17
“Uncharted” – 6/30/17*
“The Lamb” – 12/8/17
“Bad Boys 4″ – 7/3/19

they could name BB4 'Bad Boys 4 Life' ;) ... 201557242/

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:22 pm