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PostPosted: Sat May 08, 2010 5:59 pm
However in saying what i have said i'm with you. I would prefer to see a proper ending and not make it go on forever and ever like ER. I have been hearing 10 seasons is the target but to have 8 seasons would be better if it means the characters end properly.

I do want a proper ending to the show and not have it end like previous hit shows which decide to pull the plug, Shark was an example. Everyone expected a 3rd season but CBS swung the axe.

ABC has a decision to make. DH will already be wrapping up after season 8 according to reports and to have Grey's wrapping up in the same year is a huge risk for ABC to make. Time will tell. If they can create new hits with the next string of pilots then i am all for it. Its a hard one i think.
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:38 pm

season finale next week.

It sucks that they are splitting up the Callie/Arizona relationship just as they were nice and happy together. I guess nice and happy couples don't make interesting storylines.
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:13 pm
I am so excited for next week, it looks so intense. This season has really picked up towards the end. Callie and Arizona are my favourite couple on the show and the only one I'm really rooting for. I really hope they work something out and get back together because I think they're both great together.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:22 pm
Intense is a bit of an understatement. I had heard about the finale and made a point to tune in, but gee, theyve really pulled out the drama for this one. Quite chilling stuff and were not even halfway through. :shock:

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:01 am
What an incredible piece of television. I've only ever watched a few episodes of this show (Pilot, Code Black) and I really didn't think it was going to be anything special, but I wanted to know why Channel Seven was making a big fuss about it (cause they did all these ads and extra promotion). My god. I did not think I was going to be entertained tonight. I'm not usually in favour of Channel Seven winning overnight ratings, but that two hour episode of Grey's Anatomy really deserves to rate high (at least 1.5 million). A lot of people are talking about it on Facebook right now so it should get there, if not very close.

It kind of felt a bit like history was repeating itself. Does anyone remember the 2003 finale of All Saints? Very very similar.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:38 am
Like i said when i first watched it a month ago, BEST EVER EPISODE! It just hit me for 6, literally. I have never ever felt like i did with a tv show when i watched this episode. It was just OMG OMG OMG stuff. I watched it again tonight for about the 4th time as it is emotionally draining each time. I dont know why but every time i have watched it i feel like i've been hit by a bus. Here is my summary of the episode. It was written when i first watched it a month back. Hope it makes sense :P

I may have missed a couple of things and have done a bit of editing as some parts didnt make sense the first time but it sums every thing up really.

I have never felt like this about a show before in my life. My body felt numb. The last time i felt like this was when one of my relatives died. Maybe thats how connected i am with this show.

First off i have changed my top 5 moments of Grey's which sits like this

1. Season 6 2 hour Finale - Mr Clark goes on a rampaging shootout in the hospital
2. Denny Dies
3. George and Izzy's life hangs in limbo
4. Meredith's life hangs in limbo after falling off the wharf where the ferry crash occurs. All i keep thinking about is that damn little girl
5. The bomb. Code Black episode.

There are so many others but these make up my list. I dont write many summaries but this one deserves it.

Onto the finale. I must say text doesnt do much explanation for the emotionally filled episode which i tell you all is a must see episode.

It starts off with Meredith going on about how much she 'loves' the hospital and then she corrects herself and says 'loved' the hospital, all the while all the characters are featured in different scenes. As she is walking in the hallway with a happy smile she brushes Mr Clark, unaware at what is to come.

At this time we find out Meredith is PREGNANT! She then tells Cristina and she says "Have you told Derek?" and then they get paged. Then we get introduced to a couple of patients, Bailey's patient, who is played by Mandy Moore who's name is Mary, she has a poop bag attached, was supposed to have surgery today but something is wrong so she cant. Boyfriend then goes off to get her pizza and Bailey shouts i will have to give you an enema too, she says it will be worth it. Mr Clark then enters the supplies room and asks Reed if she knows where Derek's office is and she replys go ask one of the nurses, then he shoots her point blank in the forehead. BANG BANG she's dead! :o :shock: Then Alex comes in the room and stumbles on her and asks whats going on and he shoots Alex too! :o :shock:

We come back and we see Alex dragging himself into the elevator and i guess he is hoping and praying at this stage. We then cut to a scene where we have Teddy and Owens patient and she is offered to scrub in, she declines. Owen follows her and she tells him "Do You Love Her or Do You Love Me?" long pause then she tells him we're done, were done!

Next scene Kepner walks into the supplies room not realising what has happened here and trips over Reid. She sees her nose is bleeding then notices all this blood and goes into shock after seeing Reed shot dead. We then see her in Derek's office shocked and says to him "Reeds dead, someone shot her." Then there is a scene in the Elevator with Mr Clark and Cristina. At this point i am thinking anything goes. He asks her for directions to Derek's office and well she gives them to him unaware at what she is about to do. He walks out and says thank you. Derek then puts the Hospital in Lockdown and calls the police.

Then we go to a scene where we see Callie and Arizona. They are in the childrens ward, long story short they have a patient who has an appendix that could burst any second. Anyway they then get the lockdown page. Bailey then gets the page and then Derek goes and see's where Teddy and Owen are operating tells Avery that there is a gunman on the loose but dont tell them until the op is over. Then we go to the main desk where Mark and Lexie are and then Mr Clark walks up the stairs, one of the staff tell him he cant go up there and then he shoots 3 times, the nurse ends up dead. People go crazy and he takes off up the stairs. This is the point Alex is found in the elevator by none other than Lexie and Mark.

Next scene. Webber is sitting in some sort of diner and there are cop car after cop car whizzing past it towards the hospital. He then leaves a tenner and goes and sees whats going on. Lexie and Mark get to work on Alex. Another scene between Callie and Arizona, then another with Meredith and Cristina who stumble onto Derek. He tells them there is a lockdown and why are you wondering the hallways. He puts them into a closet, tells them there is a gunman on the loose and to stay here and leaves.

We are now back in the room of Bailey's patient and she keeps checking her page, tells the patient there is a situation Charles comes in, the doctor who izzy game the code to. Cant remember his last name, tells them that a gunman is on this floor. Bailey in shock horror. She then looks out the window of the door and sees Mr Clark shoot a few people. She then tells Charles to hide in the cupboard, she covers her patient up and pretends she is dead and Bailey gets under the bed. Clark walks in and starts looking around. He pulls the covers from the patient on the bed who is 'acting dead' He then goes into the cupboard, finds Charles, asks him if he is a surgeon he says yes and gets shot. He falls over and is staring at Bailey under the bed. Clark then pulls a shocked Bailey from under the bed, he asks her if she is a surgeon, keeps saying sorry when she says i'm a nurse. He then leaves. I really thought he was going to shoot her too.

Cutting to the chase we then have scenes with Mark and Lexie tending to Alex, Bailey and her patient tending to Charles and Callie and Arizona still fighting and Teddy and Owen with their patient, Avery tells them they cant leave, Owen chucks a psycho and leaves anyway telling Teddy to stay put but she says i am a cardiotherastic surgeon and i am coming with you if you like it or not. Meredith and Cristina are in the cupboard. Cristina see's Mr Clark coming toward them and tells Meredith he is the man from the elevator and says the guy with the gun is after Derek. Meredith then hurls.

We then get to the most crucial scene so far. I havent even started yet. Clark finally finds Derek. He starts talking to him. We go back to Alex and Charles scene. Meredith and Cristina then go and try to warn Derek but he has found him already. Back on Derek and Mr Clark. Derek tries to talk him down. He actually does but then out comes Kepner and BANG! :o he shoots Derek in the chest, Meredith is hysterical. We end episode 1 of 2 with Derek on the ground shot.

Ep 2 begins with a brief summary of Derek being shot and he is now lying on the ground. Kepner then attends but then realises he has a gun on her. She starts blurting out all this personal stuff, she is safe as he tells her to run. Meredith then pushes Cristina out of the way saying she has to get to Derek. Teddy and Owen are in the hallway with the patient, sees a dead doc and decides its time to get out of there. The old Chief is then talking to the cops and overhears the surveillance about Derek being shot and other things. Meredith is then found at Dereks side with her hands on his chest. Cristina asks what can she do he goes to find Teddy and finds Kepner. She tells Cristina she heard something on Oprah that if you tell them things about yourself you wont get shot. :lol: This was funny in the moment.

Lexie then confronts Clark. He tells her he came here to shoot Dr Shepherd, Dr Webber and You!. You unplugged the machine. A shot is fired but. At first i thought it was Lexie but The one of the SWAT men shoot Mr Clark in the shoulder. Lexie gets away unharmed while he gets up and moves. We then go to an unconcious Alex he loves her, in front of Mark. She doesnt say anything about what just happened. Clark then finds Callie and Arizona tending to the child whose appendix has now burst and he says to them, They shot me. Callie then gives him bandages and tells him what to do and i guess prays nothing happens. He leaves them alone.

Meredith, Cristina and Kepner are now in the OR. Cristina and Kepner continue to go and find someone for help. Back to Bailey. Charles needs an OR so Bailey needs to find a solution. They find Avery and they ask for Teddy, shes not there, how about Owen, he's not there either. He then says i have 3 OR nurses and a anaesthesiologist and Kepner says if they arent here who is going to perform the surgery. Cristina says "I Am!''

New scene. Cristina is back at the OR and she is scrubbing in. Meredith comes in to scrub in and Cristina tells her you cant be in my OR, you just cant. She tells Kepner to make sure at all costs she isnt in there. After all that Meredith does what Cristina asks. Then we move to a scene with Alex and Lexie. Alex wakes up but keeps asking for Izzie. Alex doesnt realise its Lexie and thinks Izzy has come back. Lexie plays along but i think she has realised this could be it as he is asking for Izzy.

The cops are talking to Webber and he asks them a question, they turn their head and he takes off. Teddy and Owen then make it outside. Teddy then helps Owen go back into the hospital by providing a decoy. We then see Webber walking the hallway into the hospital and then we go to a scene with Kepner and Meredith. She says to Kepner that she isnt aloud to cry. She sucks it up and tells her that Reed was shot dead and she died. They hold hands.

We then go to the scene where Bailey has moved Percy with a sheet. I still dont get why they didnt use the bed. Anyway the elevators are down and Bailey has a breakdown. Its such an emotional time by now. Charles asks if he is dying and she says yes but says to him you are not alone.

Owen comes in to where Meredith and Kepner is and they ask how is it. He says everything is going ok. She says you are not scrubbing in? He says i want to assess the situation. He walks in and Clark has a gun to Cristina's head. Cristina continues to operate despite Clark telling them to stop. He says do you want me to shoot you, shoot Cristina and shoot Derek is that what you want. Meredith then walks in and says shoot me. You want justice right? I'm the closest person you are going to get to all of them. Lexie who pulled the plug is her sister, Dr Webber is like a father figure to me and i am Derek's wife. She says Shoot Me. If you want to hurt them the way you hurt then shoot me i am your eye for an eye. Cristina then says "She's Pregnant!" You wouldnt shoot a pregnant woman would you? Owen then tries to pounce on Clark but gets shot in the process. This is where things get very emotional. Cristina and Avery then put their hands up and stops. Meredith says NO! A few seconds go by and Derek goes into defib. Meredith is says please dont die. She then goes into an emotional wreck. Cristina says its over, he's dead. Clark walks out.

It was a decoy. (Nice one) They pulled the machine cords from the body before they put their hands up and they get back to work. Cristina shouts MERE IS OWEN DEAD. DR GREY IS OWEN DEAD? She says He's alive but unconscious. Cristina says i'm helping your guy you help mine! Then an emotional moment where Charles dies in front of Bailey but before he does he declares to Bailey he loves Reid, who they dont know is dead. Bailey has one last laugh saying she is the coward telling that man she is the nurse. He says i wish i was you. His last words were you were always my favourite doctor. Then he slips away. This scene was so emotional its not funny. Bailey breaking like that... the whole scene was just so OMG this cant be happening. Owens awake, he says its not that bad. He tries to get up she says stop moving, shoving him back to the ground. Meredith then starts bleeding. She is having a miscarriage. Such emotional moments indeed.

Next scene. Dr Webber has found Clark. He is lying on the bed. He says i dont have enough bullets because i wanted to have a flask in my pockets. I have one left. It was supposed to be i shot you in the face and then shoot myself. He then offers him a drink and he declines. He offers again, Webber takes it, sniffs it and says its Vodka, then he pours it out. He then says you can shoot me but i have lived my life so it would be pointless. You will end up in Jail for the rest of your life or you could shoot yourself. Along those lines anyway. The scene breaks back where the SWAT team is moving in. Gunshot heard. We dont know who is dead, yet.

Derek then goes into defib for real. Lexie then goes to Alex's side. Mark realises the truth. Derek still in defib and they shock him once. Back outside and Bailey's patient Mary is reunited with her boyfriend, Derek is shocked again, Callie and Arizona have a moment. Arizona says i have to go check on the parents of the kids. Callie says People died. I dont want to have kids if it means i cant be with you. Arizona replys No we will have kids (YAY!) I didnt think i was cut out to be a mom but after today you will be a great mom and cant live without you either. Back to Derek still in defib but his heart starts again. We then find out Webber is alive so that must mean Clark is dead.

Final scene see's Meredith looking at the pregnancy test, Cristina comes in says Derek is asking for you. She has a moment then throws the test in the bin and she walks out of the room and it ends.

So glad we didnt have to wait to September to know the fate. If they put us through hell imo and they did that i would have been pissed. All i can say is wow what an ending to the season. It is now my #1 moment of all time Greys. Others may disagree but that had me from the very beginning to end. So emotional and shocking scenes. I guess the only thing now is what is going to be the repercussions of all of this. I think Season 7 could start off very strong. I wish Shonda wrote the episodes all the time because she has this dynamic about her when it comes to big episodes.

I would love to give the entire cast an Emmy this year.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:41 am
What an incredible episode! The last quarter of the season has been a welcome improvement from what I have thought to be a cumbersome chunk of episodes in the middle. I can genuinely say that is one of my favourite seaosn finale's ever. I watched the majority of it with my mouth wide open and tears in my eyes.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:42 am
That was an absolutely brilliant episode it was Greys at its best; and Greysfan I do believe it would rank as my favourite episode ever as well!

I haven't been that charged up over an episode of Greys since like Season 3. This definately felt like Greys at its very, very best.

Does anyone else miss Burke? I miss Burke I want him to come back.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:13 pm
First off i think the entire cast deserve emmy's. If they are not at least nominated this year then i will give up on awards shows in America for good because they know crap. I really think its Grey's year to shine at the awards.

ryaneco wrote:Does anyone else miss Burke? I miss Burke I want him to come back.

Miss him, not really as that door closed, however i could see him coming back. It would make an interesting predicament for Cristina.

However I think Kim Raver who plays Teddy is great. Mind you i loved her in 24 as Audrey so maybe thats why i am warming to her but as Cristina's teacher she is great. A lot of people in the US have said how come Teddy is continuing when she really has no purpose anymore and i was like well yes she does, she's Cristina's teacher and has changed her for the better, just look at what she did with Derek. Her first major solo.

Also now i can reveal to you non-spoilered that Sarah Drew and Jesse Willams who play April and Avery have been upgraded to a full time cast members. I was going to say something earlier but then it would have ruined all the suspense in the finale considering April was head on with the gunman. I really wanted him to shoot April i really did. It was like pull the trigger already. I havent warmed to her at all but i am praying that maybe her annoying personality can be overcome.

Ausiello Files wrote:Greys Promotes Sarah Drew

It’s official: Sarah Drew has been welcomed into Grey’s Anatomy‘s elite Series-Regular Society.

An ABC rep confirms that Drew’s deal — which kicks in this fall with the start of season 7 — was finalized this morning.

News of the former Everwood actress’ promotion comes 48 hours after fellow Grey’s rookie Jesse Williams joined the full-time ranks at Seattle Grace.

It’s safe to say that fans will be slower to embrace Drew’s new status, given the mostly chilly reception her character — Mercy West alum/McDreamy-obsessive April — has received. But don’t underestimate the redemptive powers of both fast-rising star Drew and series creator Shonda Rhimes. And if you’re looking for Exhibit A, grab some Kleenex and rewatch April’s emotional heart-to-heart with Mer in the season finale.

Admit it: You’re starting to like her. You’re starting to really, really like her. Or not. Either way, share your thoughts in the comments!

Ausiello Files wrote:Jesse Williams gets full time upgrade

McPrettyEyes is looking at a long-term future at Seattle Grace.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Grey’s Anatomy has officially upgraded Jesse Williams to a full-time series regular. His promotion kicks in this fall with the start of season 7.

Williams, who joined Grey’s last October as part of the polarizing Mercy West merger plot, was quickly pegged as the Invader Most Likely to See Another Season. Those hypnotic baby blues certainly didn’t hurt.

In my exclusive Q&A with Shonda Rhimes last month, the Grey’s boss all but confirmed that Williams — as well as fellow rookie Sarah Drew — would be back next fall. “April and Jackson have really been folded into the group,” she told me. “It’ll depend on what the studio and the network decide to do with those actors, but I fully advocate to have them [stick around].”

I’m told Drew’s deal for next season is still being worked on, so stay tuned.

And get this, Shonda originally planned to have Bailey shot! I dont know what i would have done if that had happened. Everything else was enough. You can follow the link to see the whole interview. Warning though, spoilers are all over this site, its what the site does. :lol:

Ausiello Files wrote:Shonda Rhimes originally planned to have Bailey get shot, but she couldn’t go through with it.
CHANDRA WILSON: I heard about that after the fact and I was like, “Wow.” [Laughs] I don’t know what that would’ve been like to get hurt — for Bailey or for me. Because just looking at the barrel of the gun was too much for me.

What i am interested in now is what the aftermath is. Meredith lost her baby, not to mention all the trauma of the rampage. This is going to change it for the better i believe. Grey's is back and if the standard can keep that high for the next season then its going to be a ripper season.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 6:36 pm
I've never actually sat down and watched Grey's but this episode had me captivated. It was quite draining and overwhelming to watch, I don't know how much more I could of taken of that episode, the dramatic moments and every single bullet shot just had me in a stare at the screen.

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