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PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 10:02 am
Welcome to the Reality TV section of TVAus.

You're reading this section because you want to do the right thing posting and in no time at all you will go from being a new poster to a regular poster if you follow a few small rules.

Reality TV is an unusual form of entertainment because people become quite fanatical about who their favourites are and aren't. The voting system seems to bring out an unusual fanaticism that you don't see a lot of in scripted shows. People tend to try and identify themselves with certain contestants because they think they are seeing the whole person. Unfortunately this isn't always the case, what we see is 10 minutes of footage out of hours of footage shot. If the best or worst 10 minutes of your day was shown to the public would you consider it to be an accurate portrayal of you?

So don't attack posters because they don't agree with you. Discussing and attacking are two different things. Discuss the post content but avoid ridiculing the poster because of that opinion. Don’t try and change somebody's opinion, present another side so they can see both sides, but remember most times people will not change. Sometimes it is easier to agree to disagree and walk away like you would do in real life. In RTV neither opinion will be right or wrong, just different perceptions.

Do try to use spell-check if you know that you aren't a good speller. It isn't a spelling bee but some posts have been so bad that it actually becomes unreadable and defeats the purpose of the post being posted.

Sometimes contestants, their friends and family members drop by from shows that we are chatting about and whilst those that don't like that contestant on a show could think it would be an opportunity to attack them it isn't and is very much frowned upon. There are people that appreciate any news from contestants and supporters of the contestants that enjoy having them here. If you don't have anything nice to say to them then don't say anything. Veiled snipes hidden under the guise of constructive criticism is easily seen through especially when your views have already been posted before they arrive.

Most shows have threads made for them before they air. Please check the first page and second page before you make a new thread. We have a system where new users are unable to make any new threads until they have at least 50 posts. This was created so that you got a feel for the board before jumping in and making a thread to ask a question when a thread already exists.

If you see an article and want to post it by all means please share it with others but please use the quote buttons and include the link from where you got it. You do this by right clicking on the article you are copying and going into the properties of the link and copying the URL. Paste it under your quote.

Try not to make double posts one after the other because you are going through a thread and find something to respond to. Make one post and edit in your additional quotes and comments.

If you have any information about spoiler info that hasn't been seen on Australian television then use either the spoiler thread for the show or if it doesn’t have a spoiler thread then use the spoiler buttons in the post reply section. Nobody likes to be unnecessarily spoiled and if you don’t know how to do it then pm one of the mods and they will help you.

Don't make up new user names so that you can come in and agree with yourself. We do have access to your IP's and although you may think it's clever it actually just creates drama where there shouldn't be any. Just because you may not be in the majority of popular opinion doesn't mean that your opinion is any less valid, if everybody were sheep it would be quite boring to read repetitive posts, diversity is the key to enjoyment. The same for using one user name to post your thoughts and another user name to attack other posters. You will be found out and both user names will be banned.

Lastly have fun, that’s the point of the forums, to come together with other people who watch the same show and chat about it.

So if you have any questions because I didn't explain it well enough for you then just send one of the mods or admin a pm (see Staff link at the top of the page) and they will more than happily explain it in length for you.

Happy Postings.
Bodhi and ravs

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