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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:59 pm
just watched the new season, #2 I believe. didn't see season 1 but my Mum recommended it to me so we watched together. quite a good show but felt sorry for them, especially that guy from Melbourne.. can't remember his name. felt sorry for him the most, he's a likeable guy, funny and is actually smart but as they all do they get caught up with drugs and while I can't feel too sorry for drug takers who bring it on themselves I wanted him to do well. things just weren't working out, he'd have something good happen and then something else bad happens. just had no luck, like with the car, his Mums house and his brother who is a real d**khead! the aboriginal lady just wanted a place to live, took 30 cops at least to get her out. come on, did they really need that many?! I could go on about all of them, but geez why don't their family members want to help?! family should always be there for each other, what's wrong with these people?! I could never let my family live on the street.

I would like to watch season 1 but it's not one catch up as far as I can see.

anyone else watch?

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