Chat about all of your Reality TV favourites including Masterchef, The Biggest Loser, Survivor, plus all of your overseas RTV favourites.
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Well seeing as there is one for nearly every section at TVAus, I thought id make one for Reality TV (its only the most viewed section at TVAus.. :P)

[b:c83722c3bd]TV SHOWS[/b:c83722c3bd]
30 Days
The $25 Million Dollar Hoax

Alby Mangles In The Wild
The Amazing Race 1-6
The Amazing Race 7
The Amazing Race 8
The Amazing Race 9
The Amazing Race 10
The Amazing Race 11
American Idol 3
American Idol 4
American Idol 5
Americas/Australias Next Top Model
Amish In The City
The Apprentice 1
The Apprentice 2
The Apprentice 3
The Apprentice 4
The Apprentice 5
The Apprentice 6
Ashlee Simpson Show
Australian Idol 1
Australian Idol 2
Australian Idol 3
Australian Idol 4
Australian Idol 5
Australian Princess 1
Australian Princess 2
Australia's Best Celebrity Golfer
Average Joe 1-3
Average Joe 4 (Joe Strikes Back)

The Bachelor 5
Band In A Bubble
Beat The Chef
The Benefactor
Big Brother 1-3
Big Brother 4
Big Brother 5
Big Brother 6
Big Brother 7
Big Brother Celebrity (UK)
Big Brother Uncut/Uplate 5
Big Brother International
The Biggest Loser 1 (Australia)
The Biggest Loser 2 (Australia)
The Biggest Loser 2 (USA)
The Biggest Loser 3 (USA)
The Block 2
The Block 3
Boot Camp (Celebrity)
Boy Meets Boy
Brat Camp

Camp Dare
The Casino
Celebrity Circus
Celebrity Overhaul 2
Champions Of Olympia
Christian Idol
The Colony
The Contender
The Cut

Dancing With The Stars 1
Dancing With The Stars 2
Dancing With The Stars 3
Dancing With The Stars 4
Desperately Seeking Sheila
Dragons Den


The Family
Family Plots
For Love Or Money
Forever Eden
The F***ing Fulfords

The Girls Next Door
Growing Up Gotti

Hell's Kitchen
Holiday Showdown
The Hot House (locked)
How Clean Is Your House?

Iron Age

Joe Schmo
John Safran Vs God

Kill Reality

Laguna Beach

Man Hunt
Man Hunt With Carmen Electra
The Mole 1-4
The Mole 5
The Mole 6
My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance
My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss
My Restaurant Rules 1 (locked)
My Restaurant Rules 2 (locked)
My Restaurant Rules 3

The National Karaoke Challenge

The Osbournes
Outback House
Outback Jack

Paradise Hotel
Pimp My Ride
Playing It Straight
Popstars Live
Posh Nosh
Private Stars
Project Greenlight Australia
Project Runaway

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy (USA)
Queer Eye For The Straight Guy (Australia)

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
The Real Gilligans Island
The Real Seachange
Regancy House Party
The Resort
Rock School
Rock Star: INXS

Search for the Next Pussycat Doll
The Simple Life 1
The Simple Life 2
The Simple Life 3
The Simple Life 4
Skating On Thin Ice
So You Think You Can Dance?
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search 2005
Star Duets
The Starlet
Super Nanny
Survivor All Seasons
Survivor All Stars
Survivor Amazon
Survivor Guatemala
Survivor Palau
Survivor Panama: Exile Island
Survivor Pearl Islands
Survivor Vanuatu
Survivor Cook Islands
Survivor Fiji
Survivor: Mental Ward (Return To Athens Doc.)
Swapping Lives

Take This Job
There's Something About Mariam
Tommy Lee Goes To College
Too Posh To Wash
Trading Spouses
Treasure Hunters

Wife Swap
Wife Swap (Australia)
Worlds Apart

The X-Factor

You Are What You Eat

Marty & Jess - The Wedding
Survivor Peoples Choice
World Idol

The Amazing Race
American Idol 3
The Apprentice 1 & 2 (locked)
Big Brother 4
Big Brother 5
Hot House (locked)
My Restaurant Rules 1 (locked)
My Restaurant Rules 2 (locked)
Survivor All Stars (locked)
Survivor Guatemala
Survivor Palau
Survivor Panama: Exile Island
Survivor Vanuatu (locked)

[b:c83722c3bd]CONTESTANTS & HOSTS[/b:c83722c3bd]
Dani & Moniques Departure (The Block)
Erika Heynatz (Hot House)
William Hung (American Idol)
Gretel Colleen (Big Brother)
Andrew G (Australian Idol)
Marcia Heins (Australian Idol)
Life After RTV: Pete & Tina (The Hot House)
Pink Salt (My Restaurant Rules 2)
The Logans Eviction (Big Brother 5)(locked)
Wesley Denning (Big Brother 4)
Greedy Goose (My Restaurant Rules 2)

Recent Reality TV Ratings
Watching Paint Dry
RTV "Star" Caught Dealing Drugs
Regina Noll?
Kyle's Not Kidding
Idol's Pat Cheque
Reality MP: Vote For Me
A New Amazing Race?
Voting In Reality TV
Transexual Wins Big Brother
Shannon Nol Injured
Jamie's Kitchen
Ivana Trump Follows Ex-Husband To TV
Call For Big Brother Ban (Germany)
Reality TV Show Writers Want To Unionize
Dutch Reality TV Goes All The Way
The Amazing Race Goes Global
Pauly Shore's Minding The Store
My Restaurant Rules Unlikey To Return
Marty & Jess Divorce

[b:c83722c3bd]POLLS, PREDICTIONS & OPINIONS[/b:c83722c3bd]
Must Big Brother Be So Revolting?
Which Survivor Has Been Your Favourite?
Who Should Win The Hot House (locked)
MRR 1 Perth VS Brisbane(locked)
Who Should Win MRR 1? (locked)
MRR Perth Or Melbourne? (locked)
Whats Your Favourite BB Series?
Gretel Colleen - Your Thoughts (Big Brother)
Who Will Win Australian Idol 1?
Player Of The Year 2003
Bitch Of The Year 2003
Whos Side Are You On? (The Block)(locked)
The Worst Big Brother Season
Big Brother 4 Final Eviction
Australian Idol 2 Wildcard Predictions (locked)
What Do You Want On Big Brother 5?
My All Star Amazing Race Teams Would Be?
Best Reality TV Show For 2004
Favourite Big Brother 5 Housemate
Worst Reality Show Ever
Who Will Win Australian Idol 3?
Who Played The Best Mole?
Should Kyle Sandilands Return For Idol 4?
Best Of Idol
What Do You Think Of Former Idols?
Favourite Reality Show Host
Best And Worst Reality Show
Most Troubling Moment In Reality TV

[b:c83722c3bd]TIPPING COMPS & GAMES[/b:c83722c3bd]
Reality TV Quiz
Big Brother 4
Big Brother 5
Australian Idol 2 (locked)
Playing It Straight (locked)
The Mole 5
Dancing With The Stars 3
Australian Idol 3

[b:c83722c3bd]REALITY SHOW APPLICATIONS[/b:c83722c3bd]
The Mole 5 Application
Live TV Vasectomy Application
Weight Loss Show Application

The Hiltons
Too Much Reality TV
Do You Vote?
MRR Photo Captions
Big Brother OS Trivia
The Leper Colony
MRR Anon
Have Your Say
Reality TV FAQ
Big Brother 4 Nominations
Ryan Knowing Maria Is A He (BB4)
Australian Idol SMS
Reality TV Forum Guidelines (locked)
Dream Reailty TV Show
Big Brother 4 Ratings
DTW Meets Bree and Ashalea (PMSL!)
PayTV - What Channel Is Best For RTV?
Reality TV Withdrawal Syndrome
Boycotting Australian Idol
Playing It Straight In The Chatroom
Great Idol Conspiracy
Bodhi's Idol & Joe Schmo Recaps (locked)
Bodhi's Survivor Palau Recaps (locked)
Bodhi's Amazing Race 6 Recaps (locked)
OJ's Americas Top Model Recaps
USA Reality TV
TVAus Welcomes MJ from TAR6
Big Brother - Into The Future
Australian Idol - Into The Future
Tribalcon/Survivor Event
SMS Voting
The Mole DVD Petition (locked)
The Mole All Stars Petition (locked)
Past Big Brother Housemates
Big Brother Housemates - Where Are They Now?
My Restaurant Rules 1 & 2- Where Are They Now?

OMG!!! I finally finished!! Lmao! Its takin me since this moring to go through all the pages of Reality TV Section! Well finally its done!

TVAus users, use this as a guide to when you are posting a new topic. Make sure its not already on the list.

Hope this helps!

- Savvi
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Holy crap! That's a lot of threads. :o :o :o Thanks for that, Savvi.
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Much appreciated Savvi! Goodonya!
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Thats amazing Savvi!! Fantastic stuff, and an excellent addition to the forum :D :D :D
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Thanks Savvi for your hard work!

Archangel and I appreciate your efforts and hopefully this guide will be put to good use. :)

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