Regional Television (Prime7/GWN7, NBN, WIN, SC10)

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:28 am
[quote:a961112197="greysfan"] I dont think we should have to pay for it though :snooty:[/quote:a961112197]

If you need a satellite dish I do think you should have to contribute to the cost. I also don't believe the govt should subsidise it if you just choose to have one. You should have to prove need. Given they say only 247,000 as accessing the satellite service, I doubt that includes any households in regional towns and suspect that will just be outlying households across the nation, like farms, stations etc along with those in known telecommunication blackspots.

I hate that will still be subjected to local news and advertising. It will be interesting to see if that changes through PayTV, although our local tower used by Austar is already over 100kms away and still sends us the local station.

Now if Austar can actually deliver the city channels (rather than the hacked up local shite) then I'll switch over to MystarHD on every set. :thinking:

Edit: Just looked at the maps and ours is due to switch over next year between July and Dec. :dance: :dance: :dance:

I'm going to hazard a guess that the satellites will only be subsidised for those folks who live outside the coloured areas on those maps.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 2:41 pm
Personally I think its pretty crap that regional people may have to pay $300 (half) of the Satellite cost if they need that for the stations... its a forced move and they are forcing people to upgrade not only hardware in their living rooms, but outside as well.

Don't get me wrong... great to see that regional people will get all the channels the major cities get, I had just hoped that it wouldnt come with an actual extra pricetag.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:12 pm
Could this be the end of the regional channels? Prime, WIN and Imparja?
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:25 pm
[quote:b7a371bf0d="Trigger It"]Could this be the end of the regional channels? Prime, WIN and Imparja?[/quote:b7a371bf0d]

No i don't think so. There are number of small and large regional cities including the one that i live in myself that have full access to digitial and high definition television and as of right now have access to every station that the metropolitan areas recieve. Personally i think this article should have made it clearer that it is probably those who live in remote areas and very small rural towns with populations of only a few thousand or not even, will be the ones who need to pay for a satellite should they wish to recieve DTV and HDTV. Not all the larger regional centres where some Prime and WIN Studios are situated.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:17 pm
[quote:a02f2f7285="Trigger It"]Could this be the end of the regional channels? Prime, WIN and Imparja?[/quote:a02f2f7285]

I definitely see this as the start of their decline. While they will still be able to make local news shows, commercials etc for insertion into the relayed transmission, I just don't see the regional communities standing for it. We put up with it now because we have no choice, but new channels will give us the choice to change the channel.

Like it or not there are many people who want shows like current affairs, and where I live for example, there aren't any because of a really poor excuse for a local news show. Once you start giving residents acces to other FTA channels most local shows will simply not rate. In fact, if ratings were taken more than a couple of weeks a year, then I suspect the introduction of new channels would significantly change viewing habits away from the current local selections even if just for the novelty value initially.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 3:13 am
In an Aaron Ryan Exclusive at TVAUSCAST here is the announcement of huge news for regional WA.

[quote56][b56]EXCLUSIVE: Channel Ten coming to Regional WA[/b56]

[i56]By Aaron Ryan[/i56]

Regional Western Australia will finally get a third commercial television station from June 2010.

In a major exclusive I can reveal through eBroadcast TVAUSCAST that regional Western Australia will finally get a third commercial television station. Prime Television CEO, Doug Edwards talked to me about multi channeling in Western Australia, why 7TWO was delayed in some parts of Australia and dishes the dirt on that ugly watermark that is appearing on screen.

At this time, regional West Australian viewers have access to two commercial stations; GWN (owned by Prime) which carries Seven Network programming and WIN, which carries mostly Channel Nine programming with some Ten programming as well. All that is about to change with a third commercial station starting soon.

Freeview has been running campaigns for quite some time. Metropolitan viewers have been enjoying the benefits for some time now. Regional areas in most parts of Australia are catching up with 7TWO, One, GO!, ABC2, ABC3 and SBS TWO becoming available. However, regional viewers in Western Australia seem to miss the boat on almost everything with none of the extra channels being made available in the area.

Doug Edwards, CEO of Prime Television explains, “There is currently no legislative requirement for multi channels in regional Western Australia, however the broadcasters are now working with government to develop a time line for their inclusion prior to the scheduled switch off of analogue in that state in 2013.”

Under media law, Western Australia is actually considered a ‘remote’ area instead of a ‘regional’ area and therefore has not come under the same regional guidelines as other states. Doug adds, “the timeline should be finalised within 6 months” which is a real bonus to WA viewers. Whether it takes 12 months or 2 years, WA viewers will be appreciative of the fact that television in the state will grow enormously in such a short time.

At one stage, WA viewers had the choice of one commercial station which was GWN and the two public broadcasters. That increased to two commercial broadcasters only a decade ago when WIN was introduced. With a current total of just four channels, that is set to increase to the full metropolitan suite of channels including the multi-channels in the coming year or so after a timeline is worked out by the networks, in conjunction with the government.

[b56]NAME:[/b56] Ten West

[b56]AVAILABILITY:[/b56] This will be a DIGITAL only channel so viewers will need the set top box to access this channel.

[b56]PROGRAMMING:[/b56] The channel will be a direct feed of Channel Ten in Perth.

[b56]AIRDATE:[/b56] June 2010

[b56]NOTE:[/b56] This is a rollout. So in June 2010 only some parts of the state will get the new service until it is eventually rolled out. I will be able to release a full roll out schedule for each region when it becomes available next month.

[b56]OWNER:[/b56] This is a joint venture between GWN (Prime) and WIN Television

[snip]7TWO information[/snip]

A myriad of questions will now abound about how this will affect WIN’s schedule:

[b56]Will episodes of Channel Ten programs flow onto the new channel or will the new channel jump ahead?[/b56]

Ten West will start transmission in June of this year and will be a direct feed of Channel Ten in Perth. This is a very complicated issue for WIN and after hearing detailed discussions of programming there is no way that the network can avoid viewers being disadvantaged. WIN cannot simply ‘catch up’ for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is not enough airtime to air the regular 2010 line-up as well as this. Secondly, viewers must appreciate that this is a roll out. So if WIN did catch up viewers before June, only one part of the state will approve that transition.

Viewers in another part of the state that have to wait a further six months would now need to be ‘caught up’ again. There is just no way of appeasing all viewers in the state. The only way to look at this is positively and that is that viewers in regional WA will soon have access to every free to air program that the metropolitan programs have, be up to date with episodes with the metropolitan states and have access to every multi channel the same as the rest of Australia within time. Almost everything is positive. The only one negative thing is that during that transition it is possible that viewers will see a ‘jump’ in episodes of their favourite shows. It is a one off disappointment with a long term positive effect.

The digital only channel will not program individually based on what WIN is up to. That means that whatever Channel Ten in Perth is airing in June will go to air as is on Ten West.

[b56]Will WIN become Channel Nine only from June?[/b56]

No. From June WIN will begin to phase into a fully Channel Nine affiliate and you will see less Ten programs on WIN. However, WIN does understand that not all regions will have access to Ten West first up and not all viewers will have switched to digital. That means all major sporting events such as Ten games of AFL will screen on WIN until Ten West is FULLY rolled out. WIN will also continue to ‘cherry pick’ some major Ten programs so it is possible that WIN will continue to show programs such as ‘MasterChef’, ‘NCIS’ and others. That means some regions will see more up to date episodes of a show like ‘NCIS’, while older episodes screen on WIN.

As a media writer it is not my position to defend WIN. In fact, if I choose I can argue against their plans. However, I have been privy to a lot of information about how all this will happen, legislation, cost and so forth and the job for WIN is very difficult in terms of programming. If Ten West was appearing in all regions of WA in June the transition would be simpler. Everyone could get a set top box, Ten West would be Ten, WIN would be Nine and that is it. But since this is a roll out over time, it will be an almost impossible job for the WIN WA programming manager to appease all viewers. The strategy they are taking by keeping sporting events on WIN so all viewers can access and still cherry picking certain shows over a period of time seems the most logical.

The agreement though runs out in June 2012. WIN will no longer be able to cherry pick and the network will run a full Nine schedule with local WIN programming as they wish.

So technically WIN can run their cherry picks until then but because the roll out of digital in WA with the multi channels will be the fastest of any part of the world, it is more likely you will see separate channels in full much earlier. When I see the roll out schedule it will become more apparent.

[b56]What programs can I see on Ten West?[/b56]

You will be able to see the full range of Ten programming. Some will make the transition from WIN to Ten West such as ‘NCIS’, ‘Law and Order: SVU’, ‘House’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Medium’, ‘Law and Order: Criminal Intent’, ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Rules of Engagement’, ‘Rush’, ‘Burn Notice’ and the return of the ‘Ten News’ service which will air at 5pm. All of the major franchises such as ‘MasterChef Australia’ will air in prime time and ‘Oprah’, ‘Dr. Phil’ and ‘Judge Judy’ will all come to daytime.

I would like to add that WIN, in particular Shirley Brown who took a lot of time out to speak with me about digital television. As mentioned above the rollout of digital in WA will be the fastest of anywhere in the world. Pre 2000, regional WA had access to GWN and the ABC with only some parts receiving SBS. The rollout of digital and HD services in metro areas has been a slow gradual process but regional WA will go from a small handful of channels including only two commercial channels to the full range of channels include all the multi channels and the new ones set to launch this year in a matter of around 18 months. It is a massive task costing tens of millions of dollars which requires close consultation with the government.[/quote56]

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:52 pm
The Digital Rollout begins across Regional WA Soon.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:51 am
Digital rollout in regional WA is going to cause problems - VERY few people have digital and ABC is currently the only digital channel available. Plus many people I know who have tried digital have found that the signal wasn't strong enough and kept cutting out. This isn't in an extremely isolated area either, I'm talking about the South-West which has quite a high population density.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:57 pm
Here is an Aaron Ryan Exclusive about TEN West

Aaron @ TVAuscast wrote:EXCLUSIVE: Interview with WIN WA CEO John Hatcher

Regional viewers in Western Australia are about to take a major step forward in the area of television. A third commercial channel called TEN West will begin roll out on June 10th, transmitting in digital first to Mawson, Mingenew, Kalgoorlie and Karratha. TEN West will be jointly owned by current regional broadcasters WIN WA and Prime (known as GWN in WA).

Aaron Ryan spoke to WIN Television CEO, John Hatcher about what exactly this means for regional WA viewers.
Initial expectations for the rollout

When each region of WA experiences its turn in receiving TEN West, viewers can also expect WIN WA and GWN to be upgraded to digital as well.

“At the same time as the new TEN West services rolls out in regional WA, both WIN WA and GWN will also roll out their services in digital, commencing the simulcast in analog and digital of their services. We cannot speak for the ABC and SBS. In relation to multi-channels and HD channels, the broadcast legislation does not require the commercial broadcasters to provide those additional channels at this time. Both broadcasters and the government are in discussions regarding extra multi-channels for regional WA, those discussions are not at all anywhere near completion at this time.”

Why a rollout?

WA is taking the same approach to upgrading as the rest of Australia is to switching off analogue; that is, as a roll out.

“There is no license area in Australia that has had digital services rolled out at the one time. Regional WA is a very large land mass and the roll out is to be completed by december 2013.”

What is TEN West?

Ten West will be a full play out of Channel TEN in Perth which means viewers in WA can experience the full assortment of Channel TEN programs as well as a local perspective with the Perth edition of Ten News as well as local AFL programming and the Perth produced program, ‘The Western Front’.

“TEN West is the new Network TEN regional WA digital service. From June 10, the new TEN service will transmit the Network TEN service which is transmitted across Australia.”

Will TEN programs still air on WIN WA?

As this is a roll out, not all regions will immediately be able to see TEN West so that means WIN WA will continue to screen some Ten programs.

“WIN will continue to ‘cherry pick’ the Network TEN programming until such time as the regional WA license area has been converted to digital and the viewing audiences take up the digital equipment to receive. It is estimated that WIN will need to continue to ‘cherry pick’ for 18 month to 2 years.”

John also confirmed that because of this, regional viewers in some areas will see some programs on both WIN WA and TEN West – sometimes simultaneously and sometimes episodes will be at different stages. TEN programs on TEN West will be the most up to date, except when being screen simultaneously (example – MasterChef).

“WIN will drop the TEN programming when the digital services are received by approximately 80% of the viewing audience of regional WA.”

AFL fans in regional WA

Fans of AFL will not be disrupted by the roll out. Matches taken by the Seven Network will still be seen on GWN and all TEN matches will be screened on TEN West. However, to not disadvantage any viewers that do not immediately receive TEN West or have not immediately upgraded to digital, viewers will still be able to see Network TEN AFL matches on WIN WA.

“WIN WA will broadcast AFL games until TEN West viewing audience reaches approximately 80% of the population, up to 2 years from start up of TEN West in June this year.”


WA regional viewers will roll out TEN West and be upgraded to digital for the main WIN WA and GWN channels. However, viewers will not immediately be able to receive multi-channels such as GO! and 7TWO.

“The broadcast legislation does not require the commercial broadcasters to provide those additional channels at this time. Both broadcasters and the government are in discussions regarding extra multi-channels for regional WA, those discussions are not at all anywhere near completion at this time.”

However, viewers in regional WA will see all the multi-channels at the very latest, the day after the analogue switch off in 2013, as the Rudd government has promised that all Australians will see all channels when each region is fully digital only.

Jumping episodes

Adding another commercial channel as a roll out in an area that already has a channel that carries the same program is a logistical nightmare and will cause viewers in each part of WA to be affected once only in terms of program and episode jumps. When each region begins transmitting they may experience these issues:

* They will receive new programs that do not start at episode 1. As an example, regional WA viewers in the first upgrade area including Kalgoorlie will be introduced to the US import ‘Glee’ but start at episode 20 of the first season. This means these areas will to be immediately in line with the rest of Australia. It is logistically impossible to run a catch up for these type of programs, which would need to be repeated each time a new region in WA upgrades in the roll out.

* Some programs will ‘jump’ in episodes. As an example episodes of ‘House’ and ‘NCIS’ are currently more than 5 episodes behind Network TEN around Australia. So, when TEN West begins there will be a jump of a few episodes. This will happen with a number of programs over time including, ‘SVU’, ‘Medium’ and most notably, ‘Neighbours’.

“There will be a random ‘jump’ in episodes on the TEN service to what WIN has provided. WIN has and will continue to provide the popular TEN programs within its schedule until the take up of digital services by viewers is approximately 80% of the viewing audience.”

John also confirmed that it will indeed be possible that TEN West will screen newer episodes of a program like ‘NCIS’ and WIN WA will have older but still technically new episodes of the same program screening on each of the channels.

This is all a major development for WA regional television viewers, who for too long have been the ‘forgotten’ bunch in advancements in both programming and equipment that is currently being embraced across Australia.

I thank WIN CEO John Hatcher for speaking with me about this major advancement.

Source: Aaron @ TVAuscast
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:00 pm
TV Tonight wrote:Prime, GWN rebrand with 7



TV Tonight hears that tomorrow night regional networks Prime and GWN will re-launch with new names and new logos, reflecting their affiliation with the Seven Network.

From 6pm Sunday night PRIME7 and GWN7 will roll out new IDs and promos reflecting the rebranded names, which carry the famous big, red, “7.”

New outdoor signage will follow later.

News services will also rebrand to PRIME7 News and GWN7 News.

Prime Television is 14.9% owned by Seven, while Lachlan Murdoch owns an 8% stake

All i can say is its about time. The logos though could be a bit better but its good regardless.

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