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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 7:07 pm
[b:d9651b5040][color=red:d9651b5040][size=24:d9651b5040]The Jokes and Games Guide[/size:d9651b5040][/color:d9651b5040][/b:d9651b5040]
[size=16:d9651b5040][b:d9651b5040]Welcome to the The Jokes/Games section of TvAus:[/b:d9651b5040][/size:d9651b5040]

[b:d9651b5040]Here are a few things you need to know about posting in this section.[/b:d9651b5040]

[size=16:d9651b5040][color=red:d9651b5040][b:d9651b5040][u:d9651b5040]Board Rules[/u:d9651b5040][/b:d9651b5040][/color:d9651b5040][/size:d9651b5040]
ALL General board rules still apply and will be enforced. ie respect other people and their opinions, do not write offensive or threatening messages. These rules can be viewed [url=]HERE[/url].

[size=16:d9651b5040][color=red:d9651b5040][b:d9651b5040][u:d9651b5040]Get Involved[/u:d9651b5040][/b:d9651b5040][/color:d9651b5040][/size:d9651b5040]
Jokes and Games has a special place at TVAus and it is all about getting involved in the fun games and competitions hosted by various fellow TVAus members for your enjoyment. From Big Brother, The Mole, Survivor, The Sig Comp and many others, this is chance to get to know and interact with other members in the spirit of friendly competition and rivalry.

If you have any ideas for a Game/Competition feel free to run it by one of the mods if you are unsure of how to proceed or just go for it.

And we would love to encourage new users to jump in and get involved there is no better way to meet some of the regulars then joining in one of the games.

Post Counts and TVA are not obtained in posts in this forum like the other forums.

[size=16:d9651b5040][color=red:d9651b5040][b:d9651b5040][u:d9651b5040]Multiple Accounts[/u:d9651b5040][/b:d9651b5040][/color:d9651b5040][/size:d9651b5040]
The use of Multiple accounts to gain advantage in various competitions, quizzes or to affect the outcome of comps will NOT be tolerated. Moderators will be quick to act when these incidents occur and users will be issued immediate warnings/bans without discussion.

As you are probably aware TVAus has been experiencing quite a lot of Spam posts recently. While every effort is made to delete these threads/posts as quickly as possible, please use the Blue Card function if you come across any that we have missed.

Pruning of old Jokes/Games topics may occur periodically to keep the size of the section down. The threads that are pruned will usually be threads that contain no or very little replies and wont be old game threads or popular threads.

Members are encouraged to get involved in games, however in gaming threads where a host has selected specific contestants to particpate, only the host and contestants are allowed to post in the respective thread(s). Unless given permission to post in the thread, all viewer comments should be made in the [url=]Home Veiwer's[/url] thread.

[size=14:d9651b5040][color=red:d9651b5040][b:d9651b5040]If you have any questions, issues or concerns please contact us via PM

We look forward to getting to know you all and to see what new games you lot come up with.[/b:d9651b5040][/color:d9651b5040][/size:d9651b5040]
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