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PostPosted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:02 am
Thought I'd start a new topic for the 3DS to find out people's reactions or expectations from the new handheld system (pictured below) and to keep track of news as it develops.

Spoiler: show

Wikipedia wrote:Features:
The Nintendo 3DS has two screens: the top screen, which is able to produce a stereoscopic three-dimensional effect without 3D glasses, is a 3.53-inch 3D screen with a resolution of 800x240 pixels (400x240 pixels per eye), while the bottom screen is a 3.02-inch non-3D touch panel with a resolution of 320x240 pixels. The 3DS weighs approximately 8 oz. and, when closed, is 5.3 inches wide, 2.9 inches long, and 0.8 inches tall.

The system features several additions to the control scheme of the traditional Nintendo DS, including a 3D depth slider on the side of the device, a round nub analog stick called the "Slide Pad", a motion sensor, and a gyroscope. The 3DS has two cameras on the outside of the device for 3D picture taking, as well as a camera facing the player above the portable’s 3D screen; both cameras have a resolution of 640x480 pixels (0.3 Megapixel). The system will also have a "Movie Record Mode", and it will have the ability to play 3D Hollywood movies.

It will be compatible with the Nintendo DS and DSi, but will also have system-exclusive games: launch titles include Kid Icarus: Uprising and Mario Kart 3DS, and more than twenty companies have signed on to develop for the 3DS, currently supporting a list of over 70 3DS titles. The 3DS also has Wi-Fi capabilities and periodically searches for Wi-Fi spots and other 3DSs without user input; there will be no monthly fee for Nintendo’s 3DS online access.

The system officially comes in three color schemes: black and blue, black and red, and black and grey, although black and purple, and black and gold 3DSs were seen at E3 2010.

Video Games Blogger wrote:
Nintendo 3DS games list for first and third party games announced at E3

The 3DS is looking to make a killing for Nintendo as A BOATLOAD of games, 72 in fact, have been revealed as in development so far! And you can be sure that there are more where that came from!

What is most surprising is the amount of big-name franchises that are coming to 3DS as either all-new games or ports of existing titles. The list is extensive and covers many awesome games that weren’t revealed previously. Browse and smile!

Spoiler: show
1. DJ Hero 3D

AQ Interactive
2. Cubic Ninja

3. Etrian Odyssey
4. Shin Megami Tensei
5. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona
6. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

7. Resident Evil: Revelations
8. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Electronic Arts
9. FIFA Soccer (untitled)
10. Madden NFL (untitled)
11. The Sims 3

12. Asphalt GT

13. Harmonix Music Game (untitled)

14. Bomberman (untitled)
15. DECA Sports (untitled)
16. Kororinpa (untitled)

17. Konami Baseball (untitled)
18. Contra (untitled)
19. Frogger (untitled)
20. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D (Hideo Kojima’s “The Naked Sample”
21. Pro Evolution Soccer (untitled)
22. Winning Eleven (untitled)

23. Professor Laytona nd the Miracle Mask

24. BloodRayne: The Shroud
25. A Boy and His Blob
26. Face Racers: Photo Finish
27. Lion’s Pride: Adventures on the Serengeti
28. Martha Stewart
29. WonderWorld Amusement Park

Marvelous Entertainment
30. Bokujyoumonogatari 3D

Namco Bandai
31. Dragon Ball (untitled)
32. Gundam (untitled)
33. Pac-Man & Galaga
34. Ridge Racer (untitled)
35. Super Robot (untitled)

36. Animal Crossing (untitled)
37. Kid Icarus: Uprising
38. Mario Kart 3D (untitled)
39. Nintendogs+Cats
40. Paper Mario (untitled)
41. Pilotwings Resort
42. Star Fox 64 3D
43. Steel Diver

44. Crash-City GP
45. VS-Robo

46. Sonic (untitled)
47. Super Monkey Ball (untitled)

Square Enix
48. Codename: Chocobo Racing 3D
49. Dragon Quest (untitled)
50. Final Fantasy (untitled)
51. Kingdom Hearts (untitled)

Take Two Interactive
52. Carnival Games (untitled)

Tecmo Koei Games
53. Dead or Alive 3D
54. Dynasty Wariors (untitled)
55. Ninja Gaiden (untitled)
56. Samurai Warriors 3D (untitled)

57. Lovely Lisa 3D
58. Naruto Shippuden Action

59. De Blob 2
60. Kung Fu Panda: Kaboom of Doom
61. Marvel Super Hero Squad: Infinity Gauntlet
62. The Penguins of Madagascar
63. Puss N Boots
64. Saints Row: Drive-By

65. Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy
66. Battle of Giants: Dinosaur Strike
67. Driver: Renegade
68. Hollywood 61
69. Tom Glancy’s Ghost Recon
70. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Warner Bros. Interactive
71. Batman (untitled)
72. LEGO (untitled)

I also found mention of a 3DS version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time so don't be surprised to see other games getting similar treatment as either a 3D port or a remake.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:16 am
Euro Gamer wrote:Nintendo 3DS - Hands on Preview

Here's the thing about Nintendo 3DS: even if it didn't offer 3D, you'd still want one. It's a new DS with hugely improved graphical performance - eclipsing PSP and getting close to Wii - a beautiful widescreen display, and an excellent analogue controller.

Its 3D screen (and camera), however, elevate it from a must-have games machine to a must-have consumer device of any kind. It's not perfect - there's no doubt that there are more flawless ways to view 3D out there. But it works without glasses, in your hands, in any lighting conditions - and works very well. Its simplicity and immediacy are devastating, and in their way make it more exciting and impressive than any other 3D experience you can have.

The screen needs to be viewed absolutely head on - tilt the 3DS just slightly to one side or the other and the image on the lenticular screen suddenly fractures into two shimmering overlays. With a handheld device, obviously, this isn't really a problem, although the machine's motion-sensing controls (which we weren't able to try) will have to be employed with care. There's definitely an optimum distance between your eyes and the screen if you want to view the sharpest 3D image, but you'll find you adopt this automatically without even thinking.

The 3D image has perhaps a little less background depth than the current cutting edge of stereoscopic 3D, but the beauty of 3DS is that the effect is greatly enhanced by the simple fact that you're holding it. Objects in the foreground, suspended between your hands, assume a reality they wouldn't projected on the far side of the room. You feel as though you can touch them.

The 3D works noticeably better with bright, colourful images (good thing it's a Nintendo machine, then). Dark, high-contrast scenes produce slight "ghosting" - like an imperfect analogue TV signal - that is a bit distracting, although it far from ruins the overall effect.

Spoiler: show
Nintendo's stroke of genius - the company once again showing its gift for lateral thinking in hardware design - is the 3D slider, allowing you to adjust the strength and depth of the 3D effect. You'll usually want it on full, but the subtler 3D effect with the slider set halfway is surprisingly lovely, and you might want to adjust it a little depending on how far the 3DS is from your face, or on what your own eyes find comfortable. And of course, it means you can turn 3D off altogether. It wouldn't occur to most other technology companies that sometimes you will simply prefer to view images in 2D - but you probably will.

Nintendo has a wide range of very brief 3DS demos to try at E3. Some are video, only one is fully interactive, while most are semi-interactive in-engine trailers and model-viewers. You can also try using the device's 3D camera.

The 3DS' presentation of movies - I watched a trailer for How To Train Your Dragon - is crisp and smooth, but the 3D effect is relatively subtle when compared to graphics generated by the machine itself. These are unbelievable. A Metal Gear Solid trailer following Snake through dense jungle vegetation and across a vertiginous rope bridge was breathtaking.

Another demo had a series of Nintendo models to view which you could pan around using the 3DS' analogue slider. Static scenes from New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy were amazingly solid and tactile - and also happened to demonstrate how easily capable the 3DS is of doing justice to models from Wii games. A statue of Link was, if anything, more richly detailed than that in the Skyward Sword Wii demo running in the same room. But the best of all was an image of Pikmin standing amid tall plants; moving the view around this miniature diorama left me speechless, drawn into the small screen in my hands.

The new Kid Icarus game wasn't playable, but the in-engine trailer made sense of this rather odd - if fan-pleasing - choice of launch game. Fast, into-the-screen flight action is the perfect high-impact demonstration for what 3D can do in games. The only fully playable demo was for Nintendogs. I could interact with a silhouette of the puppy on the touch screen while watching the 3D image above, petting it and throwing a boomerang or tennis ball around a spacious, well-lit room. It was less immediately showy than some of the other demos, but had a profound solidity to it.

The machine's 3D camera is no high-resolution photography tool, but it is a delightful toy. The images produced are a bit fuzzy but it appears to cope well with a range of lighting conditions, and it's hard to imagine the novelty of the 3D effect on the images you snap - or view live with a remarkably good frame rate - wearing off. You can adjust the focus and 3D depth.

As for the hardware itself, the 3DS is almost exactly the same dimensions and weight as a DSi and is instantly familiar to hold. It feels as solidly constructed and ergonomically comfortable as you'd expect of a Nintendo machine. It has bevelled edges and a graphite grey finish that give it a modestly futuristic look, while the top 3D screen and its pure black surround are under a single glossy surface - an iPhone-style presentation that looks great and really makes the image pop.

You could say the analogue slide control was like the PSP's, but that would do it a terrible disservice, frankly. It's the same concept, infinitely better realised. The spring is much looser, the very slightly concave surface holds your thumb well and the positioning is perfect. On the demos that allowed you to use it to rotate models or pan around the scene, it offered precise and smooth control. The d-pad beneath is now a little out of the way - it was under the joint of my (long) thumb - but will be nice to have for menu selection.

The face buttons are exactly similar to a DSi's, while the left and right shoulder buttons are slightly smaller. Between them on the back of the unit is cartridge slot that seems wider than that on previous DS units. The left side of the console has a volume slider and an SD data card slot, the right side a wi-fi switch, and there are Start, Select and Back buttons - under a smooth surface, but slightly raised and clicking when pressed - below the screen. The 3D slider is small and it must be said slightly fiddly, but its positioning on the right of the top screen is very easy to reach. A little green "3D" appears when the effect is turned on.

To hold one is to want one. It might not have the luxurious feel of an Apple product, but through a few subtle design choices Nintendo has produced a device that shares all the friendly and reliable qualities of the DS family whilst adding an edge of technological cool.

And that's before you switch it on and see that screen, and get sucked into the private world suspended in your hands. Is it just a gimmick? Maybe so, but it's a magical, irresistible one, backed up by hardware that would be a great improvement without it, and in a compact and fuss-free form that sails past any other consumer 3D products in terms of accessibility and comfort.

We need to know how much it will cost, of course, but on this showing Nintendo has not only reinforced its dominance of handheld gaming but shot to the front of the queue to own the burgeoning new entertainment market. Nintendo 3DS is the mass-market 3D device. It's that simple.
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:18 am
Aussie Nintendo wrote:Nintendo 3DS to have Achievements?

In a video uploaded to Nintendo's official E3 website, EA developer Ryan Stradling talks about his first impressions of the Nintendo 3DS. Stradling later goes on to mention a variety of online features for the console including an Achievement system.

"Playing games is about playing with my friends, and I want to know when my other friends are online, and that’s going to give me the ability and it’s also going to let me know what games they’re playing, real-time updates that I can get via that, sports scores because I’m interested in sports, exchanging achievements with other players that are in 3D. When you look at the DS penetration rate, there’s going to be a lot of friends for me to go talk to and communicate with".

Either Stadling was simply listing possible online features or the Nintendo 3DS will actually support online chat, live status updates from friends, news feeds and an Achievement system.

Vision in both eyes required for Nintendo 3DS

With hundreds of attendees getting the chance to experience the Nintendo 3DS at this years E3, people have been blown away by the 3D effects Nintendo's latest handheld is famous for. The player needs to be directly in front of the console for the 3D impact to fully work, viewing the screen from the side will give you a broken image unlike the Nintendo DSi XL which supports a wide viewing angle.

Unfortunately what we've all expected has now been confirmed, vision in both eyes is required for the 3D to work. Like with the glasses, each eye needs to be exposed to an image from a different position in order to trick the mind. If someone happened to be visually impaired in one eye, they will be forced into viewing the Nintendo 3DS with the 3D slider set to the off position.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:28 pm
Aussie Nintendo wrote:Nintendo 3DS GPU announced

Tokyo technology firm Digital Media Professionals have announced that their GPU product, PICA200, will feature in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS handheld console. The GPU is expected to deliver relatively detailed graphics while still maintaining affordability and economical battery use. The GPU, itself revealed in 2006, features some of the following specifications:


An OpenGL ES tech demonstration, showing off the GPU's power, was created by Futuremark Corporation in 2006.

Some of the PICA200's advanced features can be found here. As a note, these specifications (particularly the clockspeed) are not from the version of the PICA200 the Nintendo 3DS uses, so we'll have to wait until Nintendo releases the specifications or the 3DS to understand some of the finer details.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 1:07 am
Aussie Nintendo wrote:Nintendo talks about 3DS online features

Nintendo are quite happy with how their existing consoles perform and don't believe any real improvements need to be made... except once they head online. The one thing Nintendo have never really felt pleased with is the way the Nintendo DS and Wii both go online and they hope to change this with the upcoming Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo's President, Satoru Iwata recently stated at an investor's Q&A, "I have heard commentary that people feel that Nintendo’s online functionality is behind the others or is lacking in some ways. And I can say that we are not currently satisfied with the online efforts that we have made so far, and we are working at ways to improve those. I think that Nintendo’s ability to create an offline experience that feels incredibly unique and compelling is a particular strength that we have."

Digital distribution will be returning to the Nintendo 3DS but in a different way as to how it appears on existing Nintendo consoles. Nintendo feels that leaving it up to consumers to go looking for titles to download from an online store is what has led to the Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop to not take off as Nintendo had expected. The Nintendo 3DS will instead bring titles to you, informing you of the latest additions and providing an online shopping experience unlike any other console has done in the past.

"Of course, with a device like Nintendo 3DS, we do intend to offer some type of digital distribution. What I can say is that if that type of digital distribution is not something that is very new and fresh compared to what we have done with Nintendo DSi, then I think we’re going to have a hard time reaching out beyond the audience that actively seeks out that type of digital content. Up until now, much of the digital distribution focus has been on more of a 'pull type' where the consumer goes out, gets the content and pulls it to themselves. With Nintendo 3DS, we’re looking at a model that would be more focused around the 'push type,' where we’re able to push information or content out to the device. Ideally, if it is possible, we would like to try and find ways to customise that functionality as much as possible to meet our consumers’ tastes."

One final thing mentioned is that we can expect a price point, release date and more details on the Nintendo 3DS soon, how soon though it yet to be determined.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:14 am
Aussie Nintendo wrote:Nintendo 3DS pricing and release date coming this September

Since E3 last month, we haven't really heard much regarding the Nintendo 3DS. No price point has been mentioned and the closest thing we have to a release date is any time before March 31st 2011. Nintendo have finally affirmed that pricing and a release date for the console will be announced on September 29th, exactly two months away.

When the handheld console launches, it will be sure to have a strong line up of titles from both Nintendo themselves and third-party developers. The Nintendo 3DS will allow gamers to experience the world of 3D for the first time ever without the need for special glasses.
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3.53-inch widescreen LCD display, enabling 3D view without the need for special glasses; with 800x240 pixel resolution (400 pixels are allocated for each eye to enable 3D viewing).

So who's getting one?!
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:36 pm
I think I will be getting one soon, the games they are releasing are more towards my taste especially Zelda. Even the 3DS will use real 3D graphics like the PSP so I'm sold on that alone. :wink:

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:38 pm
So this was unexpectedly bought as a Christmas present for me, and not including Splinter Cell which came as part of the gift, I am not sure what games I should be looking out for. Any recommendations?

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:25 pm
Supernatural-Fan wrote:So this was unexpectedly bought as a Christmas present for me, and not including Splinter Cell which came as part of the gift, I am not sure what games I should be looking out for. Any recommendations?

If you are a Zelda fan, then I recommend Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Other games I enjoy are Mario Kart 7 and Mario 3d Land.

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