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Assassin's Creed Series

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 1:15 pm
by Tintinrulz
I'm sure you've all heard of the stealth assassin game 'Assassin's Creed'. It looks awesome. Free range environments are the big selling point and you can climb almost any building. It's set in the Middle East at the time of the Crusades and I'm pumped because it looks like a Thief/Prince of Persia/Hitman hybrid.

Some more exciting news is that Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars fame is playing a part in the game (voice acting and visually a character also).

Assassin's Creed is due out November 15, 2007 for Xbox 360 and PS3 and PC early 2008.

Anyone else looking forward to this? (You'll need a monster of a computer to run it though - which I don't).

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 2:06 pm
by Shirezu
I've been looking forward to this for ages. Will definitely be picking it up on PC.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 9:14 pm
by CoffeePot
I have it down on my ever increasing list of games I'm hoping to get soon for my Xbox360 8)

[quote:ab7f38dc88="Tintinrulz"]It's set in the Middle East at the time of the Crusades and I'm pumped because it looks like a Thief/Prince of Persia/Hitman hybrid. [/quote:ab7f38dc88]
That's what grabbed my attention too :)

The art direction for this game is superb too! Absolutely gorgeous looking graphics *big thumbs up*

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 5:09 pm
by Cellar Door
I'm sorry, but this is a shameless plug for my thread and the show but, I highly recommend you guys check out the show, 'Good Game.' A recent episode reviewed 'Assassin's Creed' and spoke to the game's creator.

You should be able to watch that interview and the clips through vodcasts at the website. The link to the site I posted in the thread:

Edit: Here's a direct link to the video clip -

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 10:14 am
by CoffeePot
Have finally played this game right through...

MACGYVER warned me that there's a twist to the story (right at the beginning)... and there sure was.

Art & Sound Design was as excellent as I suspected, gameplay was definately Prince of Persia like (which is good) & 'sequel worthy' is the only way I can explain the ending 8)

Assassin's Creed

PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:03 pm
by Bataeu 2.0
Picked this game up on the weekend, and I have to say it's VERY addictive.

Basically you play a character who is being held in a research lab to be put onto a device that maps out your ancestor's past through your genes. It's not explained as to why the scientist is doing this, however, you tend not to really care as the gameplay is (for lack of any better words) f*cking awesome.

There are four main towns/missions, but they are massive. You jump through "memories" of your ancestor as an assassin, and in order to gain enough knowledge about your target you have to eavesdrop on people, beat information out of them and pickpocket certain individuals with key items. There are some mini missions that involve townspeople being bullied by soldiers in the town, as well as capturing the town's high points to syncronise yourself with your surroundings (thus mapping out your targets on your mini-radar thingymabob).

You don't really need to do all the mini missions, but you end up having too much fun doing them to stop. Riding your horse through the (stunning) landscape to get to your next destination is brilliant, however it can get annoying as there is no clear path where to go and you do get lost quite easily, especially when you're galloping away from guards that want to kill you.

I was a bit wary about this title as I hate stealthy type games, and being an assassin I thought there'd be lots of stealth, but there is very little stealth required in the game. You pretty much blend into the crowd to walk at a safe pace as to not make guards wary of your presence, and that's it. You can climb up on the rooftops and run along them automatically jumping from rooftop to rooftop (in a style that reminds me of Crackdown), which makes the game even more fun. But be careful- if you're spotted on the rooftops (where you can't blend into passers by and hide in a haystack) You're gonna have a hell of a time escaping them and hiding in one of the few hiding places scattered about on the rooftops.

In all, the game's a heap of fun to play. I could spend all day on it if I had a chance and not get bored one bit.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:11 pm
by CutieBootie
I haven't yet played this game, but my husband has purchased it and said he is a little disappointed considering all the hype that was happening pre release.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:18 pm
by Mercury
I think the game looks really good but with so many other releases I haven't bought this one.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:00 pm
by Xfactor
It's not that bad, i find the stuff leading into the assassinations (blending in, pick pocketing, listening to conversations) boring. But the actual assassination missions AND escaping once the assassination is complete, is the best part of the game.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:01 am
by Mercury
I really enjoyed this game. The only problem I had was a glitch that meant I couldn't find all of the Templars. I had all of them except one!

Damn glitches!