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PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:15 pm
I'm assuming anyone here that uses Facebook, also uses Instagram.

so does anything annoy you on or about Instagram? this video should help you think of some things -

my problems with it:

the square box for photos, I don't get this concept. is it 1995? then why the f**k would I wanna see a photo in fullscreen like a VHS or something?!

the fact that friends of yours don't follow you back if you have an interest in following them. it shows they really don't care about you, even though your interested in their lives. what, you don't check recent notifications? or are you just too lazy?

if you post a photo you know for sure is a subject people would definately 'like' (especially if it's funny) but don't. are they scrolling too fast or something and or have no attention span to slowly scroll?

when you reply to a photo or tag someone you usually don't get a response normally, so you have to add @ to be sure.

how about you guys?

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