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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:48 am
Let's bring this thread back up to date:

Windows 8.1 update arrives April 8th and everything else you need to know

Windows Phone 8.1 officially announced

Neowin wrote:Microsoft bringing Start menu back in future Windows 8.1 update

Microsoft has announced that the Start menu will be coming back to Windows 8.1 and showed off what it will look when it arrives later this year

This is a huge win for those of you who have wanted a Start menu on Microsoft’s latest version of Windows, and it will likely silence some critics of the platform.

Another new feature that will be coming is that you will be able to run modern apps in a windowed environment too.

The Start menu will be returning to Windows in a future 8.1 update, which is in contrast where we heard that the Start menu would come to Windows with Windows 9.


When you couple the Start menu with the Windows 8.1 update that was announced today as well, Microsoft is doing a lot for the platform in terms of making it user friendly for mouse and keyboard users and for those who do not enjoy the modern environment.

Microsoft is definitely moving in the right direction with Windows. Right now I'm using Windows 8.1 with an app called "Classic Shell" that places the classic start menu back where it should be, plus it lets me tweak the overall modern interface to how I want it. Can't complain really. ;)
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