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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 11:56 am
This whole YouTube thing is getting crazy. I can say that I have not gotten into this craze at all mostly because I hate streaming video, but its crazy the amount of people who love it. Blows my mind. This article says alot about the people who are obsessed with the site.

[quote:7d4d41e479=""][b:7d4d41e479]YouTube's Lonelygirl15 outed as a phoney[/b:7d4d41e479]
[i:7d4d41e479]Stephen Hutcheon
September 11, 2006 - 12:18PM[/i:7d4d41e479]

For three months now, the confessional videos of an American teenager broadcasting from her bedroom have transfixed thousands of regulars on the YouTube video-sharing site.

The short clips show "Bree', who goes by the YouTube nickname of Lonelygirl15, talking into the camera about life in a small town, her religious parents and her "study buddy", Daniel.

While that may sound like a plot line for a B-grade soapy, instead it has become the ingredients for a hugely popular internet video phenomenon.

Her 29 clips - with titles like I Probably Shouldn't Post This..., Boy Problems... and My Parents Suck... - have been viewed over 2.3 million times.

And with 23,369 subscribers, Lonelygirl15's channel has become the second most popular YouTube video feed of all time.

But viewers started to smell a rat. Was the wide-eyed, 16-year-old beauty who claimed to have spent time with her parents in a commune in New Zealand the real thing?

Or was this a clever viral marketing campaign, a masterful hoax that had fooled most of the people, most of the time?

"She's just a little too charming, her videos a little too well edited, and her story a little too neatly laid out," Adam Sternbergh wrote in the New York magazine late last month.

It emerged that the website had been registered a month before her first video post and, later, that an application to trademark Lonelygirl15 had been lodged by a Los Angeles lawyer.

Finally on Friday a breakthrough. The Los Angeles Times reported that online sleuths using email tracking software had pinpointed the source of emails sent by lonelygirl15 to a Hollywood talent agency called Creative Artists Agency.

A spokesman for the agency told the paper that he could "neither confirm nor deny" links with lonelygirl15.

Soon after the report was published on the internet a notice purporting to be from a group of independent filmmakers appeared on one of the Lonelygirl15 discussion sites.

"To Our Incredible Fans", it began. " Thank you so much for enjoying our show so far. We are amazed by the overwhelmingly positive response to our videos; it has exceeded our wildest expectations. With your help we believe we are witnessing the birth of a new art form."

The message went on to explain that Lonelygirl15 was a project to harness the audience to develop and evolved a story and "usher in an era of interactive storytelling where the line between'fan' and'star' has been removed".

While not everyone is convinced that the filmmakers' confession is genuine (many believe it's part of the developing mystery), it now seems certain now that Lonelygirl15 is a fake - although who is behind the hoax and what is purpose of the elaborate ruse is still unclear.

A clue left in one of the videos suggests it may be another month before we find out.

In a video posted a week ago titled Bree The Cookie Monster, Bree and Daniel rate batches of cookies they said they baked.

Bree's purple monkey puppet holds up score cards. The first one gets "10", the second "12" and the third one "06". Why "06" and not "6"?

Viewers point out that the sequence makes a date 10/12/06 - or October 12, 2006, using the US method of writing dates. October 12 also happens to be the birth date of the late occultist Aleister Crowley, whose picture can be seen on a wall in Bree's room.

News of the hoax, however, does appear to have dented Lonelygirl15's popularity.

"Hi. You are a great actress," Daniel Gardner said in a message left on Lonelygirl15's YouTube site on Saturday. "We hate your director and crew ... but can't help loving you."[/quote:7d4d41e479]
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 2:47 pm
Yeah i use, to get episodes of shows i might have missed, or interviews or behind the scenes stuff of shows, sport events etc.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 4:00 pm
I certainly do use YouTube, although i'm not on the site constantly searching for things to watch, i usually only find myself on youtube because someone else had posted a funny video link from the site.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 4:28 pm
I use it constantly, great videos on there.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 4:57 pm
[quote:45f8ae0b44="jamie_marsters"]I certainly do. Not really for any of the stupid fan-made videos though, I love looking there for behind-the-scenes stuff from the tv show's I watch. Like DVD extras that we don't get here, or from DVDs that haven't been released here yet.[/quote:45f8ae0b44]

Same idea, I tend to look for music videos. The fan-made stuff is often quite weird and immature.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 5:19 pm
I mainly use it to look for video clips, AMVs, blooper reels...
But this kind of stuff I tend to avoid. People screaming for attention...
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 5:46 pm
I used it today to check out a hilarious 20-minute interview (in two parts, though, which is a bit annoying ) with Ricky Gervais for the upcoming season of Extras.

So I mainy use it to check out guest-star appearances on talk-shows, as well as some funny clips from The Daily Show whenever I'm in the mood. :wink:
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 6:19 pm
[quote:c9eb56080e="kerfuffle"]I tend to use YouTube to watch music video clips.[/quote:c9eb56080e]

Me too it seems to have EVERYTHING you can think of(and alot of crap that you dont get on music video channels). It has bootlegs and proper video clips with video clips often appearing hours after its being released.It has spawned alot of imitators there is another []good one[/url] and google video is okay but its become too commercial with the ratio of pay for content>free getting worse.

Youtube is good but im not obsessed by a long shot and i couldent give a toss about this video i mean WTF?.

Oh and the best youtube video ive ever seen is [url=]this one[/url]

Also some of the fan stuff is good especially the best of compilations that float around you tube but there is ALOT of crap but that is what you get when media is democratized.

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