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PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:26 am
My mobile phone has still yet to cark it, but it isn't mine any more - I gave it to my dad and bought myself a Nokia E63. Everything I wanted in a mobile phone - expandable memory, Bluetooth, a working headset (which can be replaced with a Bluetooth one should I ruin another one) - plus 3G and Wi-Fi (I can even listen to Internet radio!). Don't need a whiz-bang built-in camera nor an awesome music player 'cause I already have dedicated devices for those. Don't need GPS 'cause I'd rather use a street directory/map. So it should be future-proof for me.
Really, what else do you need in a mobile phone?

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:41 am
Teengers are becoming text addicts facing mental and physical issues
By Stephen Fenech

AUSTRALIAN teenagers are becoming "text addicts" suffering a range of serious mental and physical disorders from depression to "repetitive thumb syndrome".
A study into youth communication habits identified the risks teens face from texting excessively every day.

Anxiety, insecurity, depression and low self-esteem have been identified as symptoms common among text addicts.

Figures released by Boost Mobile, a reseller of the Optus network, showed text messaging had increased by 89 per cent in the last two years, with one teenage customer sending an incredible 4000 text messages over nine days.

Jennie Carroll, a technology researcher from RMIT University in Melbourne, has studied of the effects of modern communication since 2001 and said the mobile phone had become meshed into teenagers' lives.

"Texting is quite tribal - it is just what teenagers do with phones," she said.

Ms Carroll's study identified four distinct disorders - textaphrenia, textiety, post-traumatic text disorder and binge texting.

Textaphrenia is thinking a message had arrived when it hadn't, while textiety is the anxious feeling of not receiving or sending text messages.

"With textaphrenia and textiety there's a feeling no one loves me, no one's contacted me," Ms Carroll said.

Post-traumatic stress disorder involved physical and mental injuries from texting.

"Like walking into things while texting and even crossing a road without realising," Ms Carroll said.

"Young people are in a bubble doing their communication and focused on that."

"There were reports from Japan of 'repetitive thumb syndrome' and thumbs growing because of texting leading to 'Monster Thumbs'."

Binge texting is when teens send multiple texts to feel good about themselves and try to attract responses.

"This is the reverse of the anxiety - you think you've been left out of the loop so you send a lot of texts and wait for responses," Ms Carroll said.

Manly teenagers Ruth Williams, 18, and Annika Tyr-Egge, 19, are textaholics who each send between 50 and 120 text messages every day.

"I always have my phone on me - it never leaves my side," Ms Williams said.

"Texting is how I connect to my friends. I rarely call people anymore."

Ms Tyr-Egge admitted being a heavy texter but said that was part of being a teenager: "Texting has become part of the Gen Y culture - it's an everyday thing that all of us do." ... 5885927450
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:13 am
Is that serious :lol: I'm not entirely sure :P
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:25 am
It sounds ridiculous but I think it's for real. The most sms messages I've sent in one day are maybe 8 and that was inviting people to a party. I often only message several times a week, if that many.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:09 pm
I had to buy a new mobile phone recently, and only just found this great feature on it yesterday, I've never had before.
While I was poking around for things I'd not yet discovered, I found in the options with the messages inbox something called listen, so I clicked on it, and a digital half American and half Asian sounding voice, read out my message, right down to the smiley my friend had added. This is going to be great for when I'm out somewhere and I haven't got my reading glasses as the bloody text is so small - something they could improve on - larger text!

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