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Generally anything goes. Most topics of conversation are acceptable, so long as they fall in line with the forum's main guidelines. Be good... Be Happy :)
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Hi guys...

Welcome to General! TVAus is a pretty vibrant community and this forum is designed to take in any discussion not covered by any other area. Not having a defined subject area introduces certain risks - people feel tempted to post inappropriate material or even just spam the forum, or attack opinions that don't agree with their own.

To address this, TVAus Admin and Moderators have agreed on a set of guidelines for posting and participating in General. The emphasis is on [b:0d8893b768]civil discussion[/b:0d8893b768] - we all have VERY different views on a range of things, we treat others with the respect we would hope to receive from others, and respect their right to hold a different opinion to ours.

More information can also be found in the [url=http://www.tvaus.com.au/viewtopic.php?t=2992]TVAus Guidelines[/url] posted by TVAus Admin. We strongly suggest reading and understanding the Guidelines before posting here.

All users keeping to this will be greatly appreciated and will assist the forum to flow with as little moderator intervention as possible - we don't want to dictate the debate and would be more than happy if nobody gave us any reason to ever edit or delete a post or issue warnings or bans. :)

The summary for the quick and restless:

[i:0d8893b768]1 - Personal abuse - Don't, it is actionable.
2 - Meaningless posts and spam - Don't.
3 - Staying on-topic - Please do!
4 - Replying to posts - Avoid one-word or pointless replies.
5 - Posting two in a row - Use the Edit button instead.
6 - Images in posts - Keep it reasonable.
7 - Chatting in threads - Don't (with one exception)
8 - Starting new threads - Check if it already exists.
9 - Recreating locked/deleted threads - Don't, it is actionable.
10 - Discussion of moderation - Take it to PM.
11 - Post content issues - Don't post illegal or sexual stuff.[/i:0d8893b768]

[b:0d8893b768]1. Personal abuse[/b:0d8893b768]

[i:0d8893b768]NOTE: Personal attacks are the most common reason for issuing warnings and bans on TVAus. It is taken very seriously. Extreme cases may be in breach of your Internet provider's Terms of Service.[/i:0d8893b768]

There have been a couple of recent instances where otherwise good topics have turned into abusive exchanges. They usually begin when one poster starts making inflammatory or personal comments about or directed at another poster (whether openly or secretly) - often a sign that either they are losing the argument, or have trouble accepting that others have the right to different opinions.

However, the thread only becomes bogged down if others reply to the abusive comments. Rather than respond, best action is to let moderators/admin know by blue-carding the post (i.e. clicking the blue REPORT card at the top right of the post you believe is offensive), and typing a short message with it so the moderators know why you found it objectionable.

[b:0d8893b768]2. Meaningless posts and spam[/b:0d8893b768]

[i:0d8893b768]NOTE: Moderators reserve the right to delete or edit any post at any time.[/i:0d8893b768]

Think about what you want to post. Is it going to be relevant to anyone, or are you just posting it because you're bored? If the latter is the case, please don't post it - generating meaningless posts and topics makes General harder to read for everyone else, and slows down the entire board. Many people have only a short time each day to read and post, and this IS a community of users.

Spam in its pure sense - unsolicited commercial advertising - is a breach of TVAus Guidelines and your internet provider's Terms of Service. It will be removed and the user banned immediately. Posting large streams of rubbish to attract TVA points or post count is also a breach of TVAus Guidelines.

[b:0d8893b768]3. Staying on-topic[/b:0d8893b768]

Where a topic clearly exists, such as "Show Yourself" or discussion of a particular issue, please stick to the topic - unrelated discussion will be deleted or moved to an appropriate thread.

[b:0d8893b768]4. Replying to posts[/b:0d8893b768]

When replying to posts, posts that simply have 'LOL' or just a 'smiley' with no other content, or are telling everyone you've just eaten an apple in response to an unrelated post, are pointless, off topic and break up the flow of conversation. Such posts will be deleted by moderators on sight.

[b:0d8893b768]5. Posting two in a row[/b:0d8893b768]

In some cases, you may have an idea that you wanted to add to your post or forgot to include, or you see a message written after you started and want to modify your post.

Please use the EDIT button at the top right to change your post, rather than adding a new post. A stream of contiguous posts by the same person looks like spam and people may not read them.

Moderators will usually fix these manually (merge the posts) and advise you by PM, but reserve the right to delete, meaning that whatever you want to say will be lost.

[b:0d8893b768]6. Images in posts[/b:0d8893b768]

Please only post images that are RELEVANT to the thread topic, and if possible, keep them to a reasonable size. For particularly large images (eg screenshots) please put spoiler tags around them. i.e. [spoíler][ímg]blah.gif[/ímg][/spoíler]

Not only do too many images make the forum bulky and unreadable, but some users of TVAus view the forum from work, or from remote or low-bandwidth connections.

[b:0d8893b768]7. Chatting in threads[/b:0d8893b768]

There are some threads where chatting is allowed: eg. Talk About Nothing - but generally the same rule that applies everywhere else on the board applies in here... please keep all posts on-topic. If you must chat about something, please use a messenger client, PMs or the Chat Room. Please see this thread for more info: http://www.tvaus.com.au/viewtopic.php?t=7369

[b:0d8893b768]8. Starting new threads[/b:0d8893b768]

If you are a new user, we strongly suggest getting to know how the forum works and some of the people in it before starting new topics. This is fairly standard for a community of this size, as there is already a lot of discussion here.

Before starting a topic, especially one on a common topic, make sure your topic hasn't already been started by someone else. As a suggestion, review the last 5-10 pages, or ask a regular user or moderator if you are unsure. Make sure to use a descriptive subject. If it is TV-related, please check Miscellaneous Shows forum.

[b:0d8893b768]9. Recreating locked/deleted threads[/b:0d8893b768]

Doing so is a breach of TVAus Guidelines - in a word, don't. If you have an issue with the action taken then please see one of the moderators about it instead of taking actions into your own hands. Recreated topics will be deleted, and the user risks receiving a warning if the action is deemed to be vexatious or provocative.

[b:0d8893b768]10. Discussion of moderation[/b:0d8893b768]

Please do not discuss the moderation of the forum or of TVAus in a wider sense on the public forum. We do welcome suggestions, which can be placed in New Users or User Comments or PM'd to moderators or admin staff. If you have a question about a decision that has been made, a polite PM to the moderator who made the decision will undoubtedly reveal what you want to know. Interested parties are asked to read [url=http://www.tvaus.com.au/viewtopic.php?t=11533]this post by TVAus Admin[/url] on this topic.

[b:0d8893b768]11. Post content issues[/b:0d8893b768]

Please be aware that [b:0d8893b768]this is a public forum[/b:0d8893b768] and that posts made here are available for visitors to read. They project an image of our forum which may decide whether or not posters want to join and stay here. In addition, we are bound by the Terms and Conditions of our internet service and laws applicable in Australia.

Please do not post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may or may not violate any applicable laws.

Discussion of sexuality is permitted within the relevant thread, provided it is not sexual in nature. Common sense applies here. Any other topic or post dealing with sexual issues will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Suicide-related topics are a special case and are non-negotiable:

[quote:0d8893b768="Guidelines"]Due to the enactment of the Suicide Related Material Offences Act, all discussion of suicide is now strictly prohibited from this forum and any posts on the topic will be deleted and may result in a permanent ban. For more information see http://www.tvaus.com.au/viewtopic.php?p=386540[/quote:0d8893b768]

[size=9:0d8893b768]Document history - This document has gone through several stages of evolution, but primary credit goes to Sloaney who created the original document in January 2006 and revised it in April 2006. This version prepared by Traveller, authorised by Mumpee. Please note revisions/updates here if you make them.[/size:0d8893b768]

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