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Hi guys...

Welcome to our forum! This is one of the handful of forums on TVAus not directly related to TV topics, although of course, a lot of things which appear on TV will end up here. The emphasis is on civil, but sometimes animated, discussion on issues:

* "civil" in that although we all have VERY different views on a range of things, we treat others with the respect we would hope to receive from others, and respect their right to hold a different opinion to ours;

* "issues" in that people should debate the views other people hold, not the other people themselves.

Personal abuse

In general, this is what happens already. However, there have been a couple of recent instances where otherwise good topics have turned into abusive exchanges. They usually begin when one poster starts making inflammatory or personal comments about another poster - often a sign that either they are losing the argument, or have trouble accepting that others have the right to different opinions.

However, the thread only becomes bogged down if others reply to the abusive comments. Rather than respond, best action is to let moderators/admin know by blue-carding the post (i.e. clicking the blue card at the top right of the post you believe is offensive), and typing a short message with it.

More information can be found in the TVAus Guidelines at the top of every forum.

Linking and quoting news sources

Most topics here start, or are updated by, news articles in either mainstream or alternative press. As everyone's doing this already, this is only really for the benefit of new posters :)

1. The article, or the part which you're quoting, should be within [quote] marks. e.g. [quote]Text from article[/quote]

2. A link to the original source should be provided. This is especially important if you're quoting only one bit of an article. Apart from allowing people to read the original article, it also allows people to verify the quality of the source and any possible biases.

Moderator action

Mods act primarily for two reasons
* to deal with personal abuse in a thread, and
* to rescue a thread that has basically gone to the dogs.

The attitude is "if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it". This is particularly the case when controversial opinions are being discussed.

In other cases, a participant might receive a PM advising them to tone down a particular post. This happens when the moderator thinks the post *may* cause offence but has chosen not to act, as it's not a breach of the guidelines.

My topic disappeared! Where did it go?!

When I was given the job of co-moderator, I noticed 31 pages of topics, many of which were about politics, and related. I realise not everyone follows politics, and the ones who do are a committed bunch who like aggregate information. As an effort to try and make the forum less tedious, I merged a whole stack of old posts into related areas - for example, [NSW] State Politics Thread, [Fed] Media Discussion. The square brackets relates to the thread's scope. What I tend to do now is let a topic run its natural life (about a week), wait about another week, then merge it into the archive. The end result is more interesting reading for the politics watchers, and less (and more obviously titled) topics to avoid for the non-politics watchers :)

What threads are appropriate/not appropriate for NCAP?
(Added July 2008)

There is some disagreement on this, but in general, "news" relates to events which occur which would appear in a news publication such as ABC Online, News Ltd or the Sydney Morning Herald (to name just three examples), whilst "current affairs" relates to events or issues which may not be newsworthy but may attract interesting discussion of a social, cultural or political nature. It has always been envisaged that NCAP will contain elements of both, and most likely the two different elements will attract different groups of posters. It goes without saying that each group may see the other's topics as being "off-topic" for the forum. There are only two clear cases when they would be justified:

* when the thread clearly belongs in another forum; or
* when the thread clearly breaches TVAus guidelines.

If you believe a thread should be moved or removed, use the Blue card button or contact a mod by PM to bring it to our attention.

A note on religious topics
(Added March 2009)

Topics involving religion, whether as a central theme or peripherally, come up from time to time. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, and healthy debate and even passionate disagreement are good things in the right situations, please treat other forum members with respect, and respect their right to have their own beliefs and opinions. Nothing that is said on a TV forum is really likely to change what others think.

Thank you for your attention and happy posting :)

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