Four kids hit by cars: "Drivers Urged to be Careful"

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PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2014 11:13 am
Here in NSW in the last few weeks, four kids have been hit by cars.

With each news report the following is said "Police are urging drivers to be more cautious" or something along that line.

The first case was a 3 yr old hit on a footpath by an out of control car that had just been hit by another car. That is the one case where drivers could have been more careful.

But in the other three cases, the drivers could have done nothing to prevent hitting the kids. A kid "ran onto the road" outside his school. Another kid "was playing in the front yard of his home when he ran onto the road". The third was a 2 year old who "stepped in front of a vehicle".

It's pretty disgraceful that the driver who hit the 2 year old drove off without stopping. But had his daddy been supervising him, holding his hand or carrying him, he would never have stepped out in front of a car.

Perhaps, instead of pointing the fingers at drivers each time a pedestrian gets hit, how about also urging pedestrians to be more cautious and use pedestrian crossings where available? How about urging parents to educate older kids about road safety and supervise kids who are too young to understand road safety?
Don't let your little kids run out in front of you or trail behind you as you cross the road. Have a rule that they must walk beside you and you yourself should walk slowly to match your pace with your kids' pace, so they're not going to trail behind. Younger kids should hold your hand and really little ones should be strapped into strollers or if they're not too heavy, carry them across on your hip.
Little kids are unpredictable. One second they're by your side, next second something across the road has distracted them and interested them and they'll be zooming onto the road in front of vehicles. That's why parents need to be responsible and always super vigilant when near roads with kids. Don't give all your attention to your stupid phone and none to your kids.

Another different story is that here in the mountains, an 82 year old man was killed last week crossing the highway.

The article in the local paper said that he was trying to cross the highway between vehicles that were stopped at a red light. He stepped right in front of a large truck just as it got a green light. The driver up in his cabin could not see that there was a person in front of his truck and certainly he would not have expected there to be one considering he had the green light.

There are four pedestrian crossings, all at traffic lights, in the town where it happened. Yet the old fool ignored them all and risked his life to cross elsewhere. He made a very stupid choice.

In this week's paper his niece is blaming heavy traffic on the highway and is supporting a petition to get heavy trucks off the highway and perhaps use railway freight trains more instead of trucks.

She should just accept her uncle's death, no matter how upsetting and horrible, was 100% his own stupid fault and not the fault of the truck driver. Had the truck not been there, he'd have been hit by a car.

It doesn't seem to matter how many zebra crossings, traffic light pedestrian crossings or pedestrian bridges are placed, there will always be some fool who ignores them.

I get the feeling that local residents at Blackheath, where the accident happened, won't be happy until all traffic is banned from the highway at their town and it just becomes one huge pedestrian mall.
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PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2014 12:11 pm
Even though we lived in a country town, my kids always held my hand to cross the one road through the middle of town. I used the dreaded "reins" when they were little - it may have looked like I was walking a dog but at least they couldn't run away and get lost or hit by a car.

Being a "country hick" :<| I always wait for the green person when I cross at the lights or use a pedestrian crossing where possible. I look both ways (even on a one way street! *yes I know :oops: * ) I have seen people step into the road while playing on their phone with earbuds in. They have no idea whether a car is close by or not.

It's not just drivers who have to be careful - pedestrians need to watch out for themselves too. If they're too little then a parent should be supervising them.
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