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PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:58 am
by Tom2011
Saw Lady Gaga's Paparazzi video clip today. I keep relating my personal experiences to other people's and looking at this clip and complexity and the uniqueness of the visuals and costuming i have to guess she did Advanced or Specialist English at School :lol: Only someone with a mind in the world of fantasys, bizarre ideas of representation and a versatile mind frame could create such a video!

The relation between me and the other people is me comparing what current studies to those around me and those we see on tv, i try to guess and determine the type of person they were at school and what subjects they did to understand how they got where they are...might sound wierd or like i don't have a life but anywho. :lol:

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 8:43 pm
by Miss Shop
Tom - I love the song 'Paparazzi' but the video clip is some weird sh*t.

Thinking of You - Katy Perryl

Don't Forget - Demi Lovato

You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift

Jayde xox

PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:30 pm
by Cellar Door
]Jennifer Lopez] - ]Waiting For Tonight] (1999) -

What strikes me most about this clip, apart from how hot Lopez was at the time, was the use of sunlight/lighting in this vid. I love the setting sun shining through the city skyline and the use of tropical elements like the forest and palm leaves and watefall later, combinined with the dance party scenes and orange lighting on Lopez. Watching it on Youtube again does not really do it justice, as when I recall it on TV, on a bigger screen in high quality, you get more than cinematic feel to it I guess. It was another of those Millenium tunes and you see the clock ticking over reference in the vid.

]Iio] - ]Rapture] (2002) -

I like the Blade Runner-esque backdrop and Nadia Ali's projected hologram over it.

]All Saints] - ]Pure Shores] (2000) -

Features footage from the Leo Di Caprio film, 'The Beach,' with the song part of the film's soundtrack ofcourse. The song was a major hit at the time, #1 and plenty of radio airplay this decade, ever since. I like the use of the Beach clips and the group's footage kind of interwoven between that, including the nice use of the nightcam and performing in a setting evoking the film. The fim footage with the young backpackers in the tropical setting, beach, sea and the song really compliment each other well. While Di Caprio's much anticipated film follow up to his Titanic role, was a moderate success, this song was by far the biggest thing, most successful thing, related to the movie, which can often happen with hit songs from film soundtracks.

]Paul Oakenfold] - ]Southern Sun] (2002) -

Really like this one, kind of surreal, and has a cool kind of 2001: A Space Odyssey thing going on, at the end.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:44 am
by Cellar Door
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (1998) -

The video clip is as famous as the song, if not more so. One of the most well known Music Videos of the 90s.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:18 am
by Cellar Door
Ice Cube feat. Dr Dre - Natural Born Killaz (1994) - (Warning contains explicit lyrics)

BTW Some of you may recognise the sniper at the end - For those who don't know it's Tupac Shakur ofcourse. ;)

Re: Music Videos You Like?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:47 pm
by Robot
Now this is my kind of music :mrgreen:

Re: Music Videos You Like?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:39 am
by Cellar Door

This one is epic - a classic from '92, one of the best Music Videos of all time. O<>

Re: Music Videos You Like?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:15 pm
by Rayne
leegrace wrote:Well i like Rihannas new music video, check it out:

That's the video for "S&M". The current No.1 song in the country :roll:

I watched it, it's mostly your standard femdom/male sub scenario which seems to be most of what's represented in mainstream culture as BDSM. I think people are afraid of the male dom/femsub thing (too suggestive of abuse maybe?) but truth be told THAT is what is most common in that lifestyle :)

She does look good in bondage though :<|

Just out of curiosity, is this video being played on the music shows? Because Youtube has a disclaimer that you have to be over 18 to watch it :roll:

Re: Music Videos You Like?

PostPosted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 10:21 am
by Mindcircus

Really like the stop-motion on this :D

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 9:30 pm
by Cellar Door
I don't think I've posted this yet, this is the full video to the classic/infamous Aphex Twin Music Vid, 'Windowlicker' from 1999 (Warning: Explicit Language, Adult Themes):